The Road to Perseverance

Megan Pochyly - May 2015

Obstacles and Adversities

Perseverance is the ability to overcome adversity in everyday life. In order to succeed, you can never give up and this is the purpose for perseverance. If you don't try to get past obstacles in life, then how would people like Eleanor Roosevelt, Jackie Robinson, and Winston Churchill gain triumph in life?

The Bumpy Road (Sequencing)

Eleanor Roosevelt was a strong and courageous woman. Even in her early years she was teased by her classmates and even her own family about her looks, which gave her a very morose feeling. First Eleanor was called the “ugly duckling” because she wasn’t as pretty as the other girls. After that her mother called her “granny” because of her seriousness. Then Eleanor knew she wasn’t any of those things, and told herself she would never give up. Soon after that, Eleanor’s family started to become very ill and not too much later her mom, dad, and brother died. After these tragic events, Eleanor and her younger brother had to move in with their grandmother. Meanwhile, Eleanor’s grandmother was not very welcoming and friendly to her and her brother. After a few lonely years with her grandmother, Eleanor was sent off to boarding school in England. Then she became very happy and felt wanted instead of being neglected like she had felt throughout her early life. A few years later, Eleanor found love and ended up marrying Franklin Delano Roosevelt. They then became very happy and had six children together, but unfortunately one child died after birth. After that many opportunities opened up for Eleanor and Franklin involving the government, including drafting the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights. At last the Roosevelt family was finally happy and successful. Finally Eleanor retired after so much hard work throughout her life and making a difference in the world. On a sad day, November 7, 1962, Eleanor died in her sleep and was buried in solitude at the rose garden in Hyde Park. In the end, Eleanor is known for being an elite hero for many and persevered through many adversities no one else could have handled.

A Life Worth Living (Description)

Winston Churchill is a heroic, resilient, and passionate historical figure. He was born in 1874 at his grandfather’s home in Blenheim Palace in Marlborough, England. Throughout his childhood, his parents traveled extensively and led busy social lives so he spent most of his early life with his nanny who later tragically died in 1895. Although he wasn’t an excellent student, Churchill was sent off to boarding school at age eight and ended up being accepted into the prestigious Harrow school. Throughout his life he has shown loyalty, courage, and perseverance. For example, in 1900 he courageously decided that he wanted to help make policy, not just follow it even while he was fighting in many wars. He also was given his first leave during 1895 after 7 months of basic training, and instead of going home to relax, he stayed loyal to his commitment and wanted to see action with the troops. However, he is best known for persevering through his darkest times even when others have given up. His greatest accomplishment was that although he was devastated to be forced out of politics, Churchill continued to prepare for another position, and after 2 years he was given the position of Secretary of State for War and Air. During this time Churchill learned to paint, which was a way for him to escape from reality and express his emotions while still preparing to be back in politics. Winston Churchill once said, “Never give in. Never give in. Never, never, never - in nothing, great or small, large or petty - never give in, except to convictions of honor and good sense.” From this quote, we know that with the help of others and finding a way to get past our adversities, we will persevere in the end while knowing that we have never given up and never will.

The Real Victory (Problem and Solution)

The girls in this organization had a tough time getting through hard times in their lives because they felt inadequate. They had a problem because of the way their families were treating them, and that made an impact on the way they made decisions from then on. The girls would try to get through these adversities and not give up even though they felt there was no way for their problems to be solved. One possible solution for these girls is to join Carroll Academy and experience real life problems with others girls who are going through the same thing to help spark some hope. This solution will help the girls because it gives them time to think about other ways to cope with the negative way they are being treated at home by their families. They can also keep their schoolwork up and learn to enjoy new things. This solution also has a negative side because Carroll Academy can seem stressful for the girls because they are required by court to stay with this organization and they may feel like some of the activities are not for them. Therefore, this is a good experience for the girls to alter their lives, but can also increase the amount of stress they are already putting on themselves and make them feel uncomfortable. As a result, Carroll Academy is a great place for these girls to understand the true adversities of life, and be able to bond with other people who are going through the same hardships they are. Because of Carroll Academy, the girls are very successful, experienced different things, and have persevered with each other through many hard times.

The Wild Dream (Cause and Effect)

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Carry On (Compare and Contrast)

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Reaching the End

The perseverance of others can help us learn to stay strong no matter what life throws at us. If we give up when things get hard, we can not learn from our mistakes and use them to move us forward. Perseverance may require determination, but making mistakes is what pushes us to keep going. Others perseverance can help encourage us to get to the end of the road and appreciate our triumph as life goes on.