Font History

By: Chad Betow

Times New Roman

Times New Roman is part of the serif typeface family. It was first used in the Times Newspaper and then was offered to the public as commercial fonts. Times New Roman today is frequently used frequent in books. Times New Romans was characterized by the varied rhythm between thick strokes and fine hairlines, and between the various movements of the stems, bowls and stresses.


Arial is part of the sans serif typeface family. Arial's characteristics are similar to the characteristics a Helvetica has but some are different and that difference lies in small details. It was first supplied with windows 3.1(1992) and was one of the core fonts in all subsequent versions of windows until vista. Today it is used many logos and informational material such as booklets, educational aids and instruction manuals.
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French script

French script is part of the script typeface family. French scripts characteristics is an upright script face with engraved appearance and decorative capital letters. Another characteristic is the diagonal stroke on the lowercase "t" which allows the writing momentum inherent in this style of script. It began its usage in the 1900's towards the end of World War II and it is used for the lithographic printing of university textbooks. Today it is used in invitations ,greeting cards and announcements.