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Christmas Greetings! - From the Editor

Dear all wonderful people of AIESEC in UM!!

I hope you are all joyful despite the fact that examination is just around the corner *friendly reminder to all who procrastinates*. But anyways, do look at the bright side people =) It is the last month of the year 2014, look at how time flies.. Did you live the most out of this year? Did you do something that will be make you smile when you look back past the dimension of time? I believe most of you do as AIESECers are awesome, kan? =D Well, for those who think they didn't YET, don't worry, there is still time left. Make your every day count! =)

This is my very first time doing the I.Z newsletter. I feel a little nervous yet highly motivated to deliver my best. Hope you guys enjoy this Christmas edition and do make full use of this season of giving to spread positive vibes to the people around you. Also, please do leave me a feedback for me to reflect upon myself. =D Lastly, I would like to end with this quote " We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give."

Best regards,

Daphne Soh Ching Hui

Junior Executive 2014/2015

Marketing & Communication

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Life. Is how you perceived it. Let this 6 year old reminds you of how simple and pure, life was. And it still is..

The Meaning of Life, explained by 3rd Graders
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An EP's Story: Exploring dreams in China

Dare to Dream 2.0 is the program I joined and the experience was beyond words could say!

On the memorable 28th June 2013, I and the other two fellow Malaysian exchange participants arrived in Hangzhou Airport for the first time. We received a very warm welcome form our project’s organizing committee president Gina Tang. From the airport, we travelled to Zhejiang Activities for the opening ceremony of our project.

The first event for our project, which is the Global Village, is held on 30 June 2013 in Zhejiang University. During this event, participants from each country have the chance to showcase their own culture and beliefs. For Malaysia, since there are five of us, we all dressed in costumes of different races. For example, I wore cheongsam while Farhana wore baju kebaya. During Global village, we get to witness a lot of traditional dances and performances brought by the other countries’ representatives.

On 2nd July, our contingent of 63 participants was split into 5 different groups and my group is the first to leave to Ru’ian High School. At Ru’ian High School, we are supposed to guide the secondary school students in English which include reading, listening and also writing. We were only provided a textbook each that time. So, somehow we got to plan the lessons ourselves as we were totally on our own. For me, I manage to include songs, movies and also motivational stories in my lessons.

After Ru’ian, my group also travelled to Wencheng High School, Tea School Academy and also Hua Qiao University to meet with different students. In the end, all 5 groups of participants reunite at Hua Qiao University where we conduct our cultural classes.

After completing our project, I am so reluctant to leave to the extent that I delayed my plane ticket so that I can travel with my project’s friends to Shanghai.

All in all, I felt really satisfied with this project as my OCs were really supportive helpful throughout the project. Although I did face a lot of challenges such as shortage of water and no electricity, got trick into boarding a bus and the list goes on. Despite all of the challenges, I have to say that I really enjoyed my time there. =)

Thanks to AIESEC for such amazing experience.

Ler Xin Yi


Project: Dare to Dream 2.0

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Are you an EP who went on a life-changing experience? Are you an AIESECer who went through a roller-coaster experience during your term? Or an alumni wanting to pass down some educational life stories to your successors? Share your life-changing stories in I.Z now!

Submit your story to jiajian.lee@aiesec.net with the title [I.Z Life Stories], together with awesome photos/videos! :D

The editors reserve the right to reject any contents if deemed inappropriate (e.g. overly vulgar words or sexual contents). We also reserve the right to summarize the submitter's story if it is too long to be showcased in newsletter, but the complete version will not be deleted and instead be showcased in another platform (e.g. blog).

Note that the story you submitted may be converted into other forms in the future when needed (e.g. into pictures or videos)

Start writing now!

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YOU better watch out! In this edition, I have something very interesting to be disclose about our I.Z Star : Lim Sin Ting! Maybe most of you already know who Sin Ting is, as she was a team leader in LCUM, our "Dory" facilitator during X'CAPADE, currently a MC director & she is the one and only female candidate for the LCP election 2015/2016! BUT I bet you didn't know the random little things about her that will make you go "Oooooh" and "ahhh"...

Keep on scrolling down as the facts are going to be LEGEN (wait-for-it) DoRY!

Well, let me skip all the basic information such as hometown, educational background etc. as you can always check those on Facebook. *hint hint* Let me reveal the interesting parts of our "Dory", firstly, She is such an adventurous and outgoing lady. She recently went on the Viper Challenge which is Asia's Toughest obstacle event! Besides, she loves sports especially marathon. For the record, she completed her first half marathon 21km at age 21 (which was this year)!

Her words "Why they can, why not me?", these words were held on tight by her in accepting challenges in her life. This can be seen by her courage to run for election for instance. Now, this is going to be fascinating: she believe that the significance of love is greater than money when I asked her "What would you pick? Love or Money?" To her, love is special while money is secondary although she is well aware of the importance of money in this materialistic world. Thus, this somehow leads to the question of her characteristic of a soul mate. She said many of her friends labelled her "with tall guys", hmm maybe >165cm (her height) will do? Besides, he has to be someone who is mature as she did mention that guys are slower to grow and mature in thinking wise, is it true guys? =)

Since Christmas is coming, I asked her what is the thing you wish most? Her spontaneous reply was "OMG! I haven't got the time to think about it..give me some time." She is indeed a very busy person and her wish is to go on a vacation or perhaps a good date with her girlfriends.

Lastly, She wants to be a panda. Why? Because it is obvious, you can eat & sleep and people will take care of you. =D

So, that's all about Sin Ting so far. I hope you enjoyed reading and do approach her if you have anything to ask..any thing at all as she is indeed a very outgoing person! Oh yeah, and one more thing, she does not like cream but she likes cream cheese! (Y)



Introducing the new Team Leader of Matching: Ong Hian Beng!

He will be assisting VP oGCP in fastening the oGCP Matching progress by managing the TN supply, and guiding the members in Matching operations.


On 28th of November, four brave fighters, Jerry, Stuart, Ruo Shan and Hoi Yan represented UM to participate street fighter challenge conducted by MC. Within 3 hours of hardwork, we are able to get 17 company contacts, attended 6 company meetings and 15 companies potentially to be raised. It's not easy to step out from your comfort zone but the first step matters! We have more companies to come and most importantly the experience is undeniably valuable. No worries! More chances will come! Great job guys to be making LCUM proud!

Don't Click!! *MyLDS SNEAK PEEK*

JK do check it out: Past MyLDS newsletter is REVEALED.

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As promised to give you a sugar rush, this Christmas edition we proudly present the top 5 EyeCandys in LCUM!!!

This list is nominated and voted by various people in our LC & special thanks to the lovely Hui Wen for helping me to accomplished this part. =)

Lastly, We from MarComm wish you a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year! as this will be the last edition of the year =)


She is always smiling no matter in what occasion, and her smile is just too cute to handle!! She has a sweet voice too.

Tan Xia Hui

Junior Executive 2014/2015

Project Management


She has a dazzling smile and friendly personality that will light up your mood as well as your day.

Rebecca Faun

Director 2014/2015

Corporate Relations


A pretty and graceful girl that easily catch anyone’s attention at the first sight. You might just fall for her charm and lovely character.

Elisa Beh Ying Ying

Junior Executive 2014/2015

Talent Managment


No other reasons, just because she is cute like a MINNIE! <3

Minnie Lim Yee Ping

Junior Executive 2014/2015

Talent Managment


There is a quote “Confidence is the best make-up a girl can wear”. Being super confident of her own beauty, there is no one other than her that can be crowned the TOP 1 eye-candy of AIESEC in UM!

Hoo Xin Hui

Project Director TechCycle Tech4ALL 2014/2015

Global Community Development Program

Project Management

SPECIAL AWARD (since we have an all-girls list, we shall give out a SPECIAL award for the most highly-nominated guy as well!)

He is HOT!!! (when he does pole dance especially)
Don’t you think he looks like Fido Dido in 7-Up? That’s enough to show how cool and attractive he is xD

Lee Kian Tian

LCP 2014/2015


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Any comments, ideas, anything at all is highly appreciated.