By Caden Rankin


Wolverine are found in North America , Europe, Asia, Canada, and some of Greenland also Wolverine live in the bleak cold Northern latitudes.
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Wolverine are omnivores, this means they are vegetarian and meat eaters.Wolverines eat adult deer many times their size. they are also known to eat porcupines, squirrels, beavers, marmots, rabbits, voles, mice, shrews, lemmings, caribou, roe deer, white tailed deer, mule deer, sheep, moose, and elk. Occasionally, wolverines have prayed on martens,mink, foxes, Eurasian lynx, weasels, coyote, and wolf pups. Wolverines have also been known to eat Canadian Lynx in the Yukon of Canada.

Interesting Facts

Weasels, otters, badgers, and skunks are all cousins of the wolverine. Some people thought that Wolverines were really mean and nasty animals but wolverines are really not mean animals. They can live up to 7 to 12 years old. Dense, warm fur allows the Wolverine to hunt through the sub zero Artic night. a wolverines nick name is the Devil Bear. In the summer the Wolverine go high in the mountains and roams over the tundra. Also some Wolverines hunt a huge area that may cover up 700 sq miles.
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Caring for there young

Wolverine kits have to wait by themselves in a hole that their mom dug up for them. Also kits usually have to wait until they are 8 months old to start to explore. Wolverines usually can have 1 to 5 kits are born, but usually 2 to 4. By late spring, kits are ready to leave the den
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Physical Characteristics

The Wolverine is the stocky, muscular animal with short legs, rounded head, small eyes, short rounded ears. The Wolverine resembles a bear and has fine toe paws for good movement threw deep snow. The adult Wolverine is about the size of a medium dog. Average body length ranges from 26-42 inches and the tail is 6.5-10.5 inches. The average weight is 20-55 pounds, although some large males can way up to 71 pounds. Some Wolverines can come in white , brown, and black.
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