Current Event, 1784

A New Beginning!

A shocking discovery found on a river side off the coast of the English Channel: A massive brick building with a water wheel! Insiders say it's an abandoned shack while others say it is a ghost infirmary, where these white "sheets" were produced and sent out. What it really was - according to the builder, Richard Arkwright - was a textile factory! The machinery inside single-handedly woven dozens upon dozens of sheets of cloth together and have shipped out into England. This is the start of a revolution, a change, a go around, a time of social expansion and growth! This will grow, we are certain, and other areas may be, industrialized, by this factory!
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The Sky's the Limit!

Mass Producing to the Top of the World!

With the mass producing of cotton going around thanks to a factory, more and more inventions are popping up. A recent interview with inventor Henry Bessemer beams about his new way of mass-producing steel. "If we can change one thing, we can change more, and the more we change, the better the world will get!" His mass production of steel allows us to create more advanced, sturdier, cooler looking buildings and gadgets. Another person, James Watt, has shown us the way how he harnessed lightning, yes, lightning, to supply light and use it to our advantage. There are even sayings that a Railroad is in order in the Americas! Our trollies will be up and running soon, we're sure of it!
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Society's Opinion

Many people we surveyed gave off amazing results to this study. These industrialized advances that our world is coming to - steel, locomotives, cotton- all having major effects in our daily lives. One local resident said his life was made easier and promoted to a higher quality life in just a matter of a few days! Life is easy! On the other hand, a lady who lived in a not so well area said that life has become harder, the waste and smoke has started to take effect on their regular lives. The revolution is hurting them, making the routine of the day much harder. It appears the social class you live in, whether it's the high or low life, maybe the progress we make for the greater good isn't so good for the lower class.
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The Change

Society has grown and has either developed greatly for the upper class or has suffered an enormous amount by the lower class. Whether this split will cause uprising, society isn't what it was like ten, twenty years ago. More jobs have opened up. More opportunities for life. The new beginning. The changes that society has gone through gives off one major vibe: progress. Now that we have become more efficient, one day maybe all these factories will overrun toy companies and even automobile companies. In the Americas, locomotive systems and road systems have entered their land. Energy can be transferred into electricity. The world is changing. Just century by century. The world is evolving.
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