Picture Bride

By: Raechel Vespi and Julie Floyd

Phase 1 1917-1918

  • May 18, 1917, congress approved a selective service bill to Woodrow Wilson to the War Department to raise an army of 3 million men
  • In 1917 the United States declared war on German
  • First case of the Influenza epidemic that killed more then 1/2 million Americans
  • Following the Bolshevik Revolution Japan and the United States, sent forces to Siberia
  • Japan increasingly filled orders for needed war materials for it European allies toward the end of World War I

Phase 1 1917-1918: Hana

  • Hana sailed to America from Japan by herself to marry Taro Takeda who she has never met in person only my mail and a photograph
  • As Hana met Taro he had told her she will be staying with the Toda's before there marriage
  • Kiku changed Hana's appearance to more of an American style to go to church with Taro for the first time meeting Yamaka and Dr. Kaneda, expecting something like her Japaneses culture but getting something different in return
  • Hana found out the Taro's business wasn't what she was expecting
  • Hana and Taro got married, but she started to have feelings for Yamaka
  • Yamaka died from the influenza
  • Hana is pregnant and gives birth to a premature baby boy after just recovering from the influenza

Phase 2 1920-1921

  • The United States went threw the depression shortly after the ending of World War I
  • In 1920 was when the first American women were allowed to vote
  • January 16, 1920 the 18th Amendment went into affect making the manufacture, sale, and transportation of liquor illegal in the United States
  • Immigrates were coming from Japan to America
  • Less the 10% of Japanese were motivated by political and religious events

Phase 2 1920-1921: Hana

  • Hana had a baby girl named Mary
  • Hana and Taro moved into a bigger home where the neighbors did not like them
  • Hana stared working for Mrs. Davis doing house work
  • Kenji Nishima came to live with the Takedas at a hard time in his life
  • Taro shop is failing, but Hana is helping Taro make the shop more successful by renovating the whole shop

Phase 3 1930-1940

  • In 1932 Amelia Earhart was the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean
  • Beginning of World War II in 1939
  • The Empire of Japan aimed to dominate East Asia
  • United States president Franklin D. Roosevelt announces New Deal reforms to promote economic recovery
  • Japan leaves the League of Nation

Phase 3 1930-1940: Hana

  • Mary goes on her first vacation to the Toda farm when she is 10
  • Hana wanted to learn more English so she could communicate with Mary better
  • Kenji Nishima became the new preacher
  • Hana and Mary grew apart not communicating as they should as mother and daughter
  • Mary went to college and met a man named Joe Cantelli
  • Mary left with Joe, and got married not telling there parents because they knew they would disapprove, but told them in a letter

Phase 4 1941-1943

  1. December 7, 1941: Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor, Hawaii; also attack the Philippines, Wake Island, Guam, Malaya, Thailand, Shanghai and Midway
  2. December 8, 1941: U.S. and Britain declare war on Japan, Japanese land near Singapore and enter Thailand
  3. December 10, 1941: Japanese invade the Philippines and also seize Guam
  4. Japanese Americans were put into Internment camps
  5. August 24, 1942: U.S. And Japanese carriers meet in the Battle of the Eastern Solomons resulting in a Japanese defeat

Phase 4 1941-1943: Hana

  • Pearl Harbor was bombed and the Japanese Americans living in the United States had to be evacuated to camps
  • Taro had to sell his shop, pack all there belongs to leave for camp, and take the rest to Mrs. Davis's house
  • Henry was shot and killed by an American man who was against Japanese people
  • Hana and Taros first camp they were evacuated to was Camp Tanforan then later to Camp Topaz
  • Kenji Nishima got married to Sumiko, one of the women neighbors to Hana and Taro at Camp Tanforan
  • While relocating to camp Topaz Hana and Taro were able to see Mary and Joe, but did not bring there daughter Laurie
  • Dr. Kaneda wrote in a letter to Hana and Taro saying he would like to return to Japan as soon a time was available
  • Taro went on a walk to look for some arrowheads, but was shot and killed by solider
  • Before dieing Hana and Taro apologized to each other for the mistakes they made during there relationship
  • Taro was buried at Camp Topaz , though Hana was asked to come live with Mary and Joe, but she denied it so she could stay with Taro and take him home with her so he could be buried next to his son
  • Hana wanted to live the life that Taro had always wanted to live, by becoming a US citizen and buying back the shop
  • Kiku got transferred to Camp Topaz to come live with Hana for the rest of the War