Christmas Bridge

Red Table


craft sticks



gum drops




Material Justification

We used cups because it was strong to hold up our bridge and one of the ramps. We used the clay to make a road across the cups. The clay was easy to mush down into a road. We used craft sticks as the ramps because they are straight and long. The toothpicks were for decoration. The marshmallows and gums drops were also decorations. The marshmallows and gum drops are soft so we could stick them on top of the toothpicks. We used the tape to hold the craft sticks to make the ramps. The tape was strong.

Improvements for the Future

Next time we built a bridge we would add more the toothpicks to make it look better. The toothpicks were a decoration idea. We would use craft sticks for a road so it is not so bumpy. We just have to figure out how to make them stick to the clay.

Our Group

Miss Ashli Ruth Flannigan

Miss Malia Geraldine Johnson

Mr. Joshua Reid Simpson