Titanic Survivor:Elsie Doling

By Kaylee Herrera

Passengers Personal Imformation

Name : Elsie Doling

Date of birth : October 30 , 1893

Age while on titanic : 18 years old

Traveling with her : Ada Julia Elizabeth Doling ( Survived )

The Ship

The height of the Titanic was as high up as an eleven story building. She was 882 feet long almost the length of four city blocks. The thing that made it unsinkable were the water compartments. She was so that she could still float if only the first four compartments were flooded. But not anymore than that . And when the water filled them, it could spill over into the next compartment . And eventually they would all get flooded . Elsie was traveling in the second class. And the cost of her ticket was E23. The social class that she was on was like in the middle. It wasn't for rich people but it wasn't for poor people either. Because she still had a room to stay in with everything you needed like a bed , a bathroom , etc. But she did not have a kitchen.

Disaster and Rescue

The most common reason why the titanic sank was because the crew members ignored the iceberg warnings. They gave out 7 iceberg warning and they ignored all of them . So when the iceberg was right next to them they were trying to turn the wheel but it was to late. Right after they saw the iceberg right next to them , it crashed . The iceberg went right threw the hull. Then , the Titanic came to a stop. Around midnight the captain had ordered to uncover the lifeboats. Like around 12:45 first lifeboat was lowered with only have the people that could fit in one . They were not filling the lifeboats up. They could fit 65 but they only put 28. By around 2:05 a.m there was still 1,500 people on board the sinking ship. After that the titanic was gone. Elsie Doling was one of the lucky people to get on a life boat. Then she was taken to the Carpathia and was rescued .

Life after the Titanic

On November 6, 1920 she married an Indian doctor Willian St. Alban Hendricks (1877-1966) they got married in Bombay , India. They would have four children John born in 1923 , Gerald St. Alban born 1925 , Clara born 1927 , and Elizabeth Mary born 1933. She had a great life after the disaster. And was really lucky to survive . She then died on March 3 , 1972.