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Free online auction website - added features

The Online auction site offers new features such as barter, swap and also the option to record classified ads. Swap is currently in the online exchanging when you list the items you could serve and swap for any things you truly want. Barter is a same feature in which no cash is added in the exchange of services and the merchandise involving involved folks. Online classified ads are a way of giving the additional exposure. From the services for items being sold, classified ads can be changed, alluring various customers.

There are several kinds of Online auctions sites and processes. While the auction is a general kind of auction where purchasers place bids bigger than the initial price and are competing along each other, the first bidder auction is the reverse type of the auction where initial price is reduced till a bidder consent to buy the listed item or service (for example a used car). The reverse auction is a type of auction where client lists the kind of service required and cost range that is capable to invest than the service providers are placed in a bid for that consumer.