BSE Homegrown

January 5th-8th

Weekly Events

Monday, January 4th

  • No School

Tuesday, January 5th

  • Welcome Back!
  • Admin, Coaches, and RtI Interventionist meet at 8:45

Wednesday, January 6th

  • Get those Winter Reading logs completed and ready to turn in!
  • Principal's Meeting @ DO

Thursday, January 7th

  • School Spelling Bee (9:00)
  • Winter Reading logs are due

Friday, January 8th

  • School Spirit Day (wear your school shirts or colors)
  • RtI/PBIS Visit from DO (9:45)
  • Grades are due
  • Teacher Perfect Attendance Drawing
  • Please note that January 9th is Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

Need to Know News

Grades Due

Just FYI....grades are due this Friday. You must have at least 5 test grades in the core areas with a minimum of 3 daily grades. We will print report cards Monday Morning and grade verification will be due on Wednesday, January 13th.

Doughnut Days

We have two Doughnut days coming up in the next week. Please take a moment to stop by the cafeteria to greet with parents on your grade level days, even just for a quick smile and a wave. This goes a long way with our parents.

Club Day

We are having another club day on January 15th. This is a quick turn around from the last one....or though it seems. Due to awards days, we had to move this one up a bit. Please note that each of you will need to snap a pic of the activity for the yearbook during this meeting. You will email it to Laura Galloway with the title of the club in the subject line. WE certainly appreciate your help with this!

Due this Week

-Keep in mind that all Christmas decorations will need to be down before we leave for the holidays.

-Go ahead and start planning for another club is scheduled for January 15th.

-Go ahead and get those webpages updated......a new year with new information.

What's Going on in Classrooms at BSE

Look for us to be visiting classrooms to be able to share the great things that you have going on in your classrooms. Many of you have had chances to visit other schools and classes, we would love to see you implementing some take aways from those visits.

Yearbooks on Sale

Yearbooks will be available for purchase online starting September 14. We will make them available online through March 31. The cost is 15.00. You will need to follow the link below and enter the school code 21001.


Lunch Menus will now be digital. Parents are able to download an app that will allow them to check daily menus. The app is titled NurtiSlice. Parents will search for Spartanburg District Two. They will have the option to choose elementary, middle, or high school. Once you have selected the school, parents will be able to view the breakfast or lunch menu.

Parents are also able to pay their lunch bill online. I have include a link below titled "Pay your Lunch Bill" below.

Upcoming Events

January Events

11th-Six Flags Reading Logs go home, Science Fair Family Night (6:30), RtI Meetings

12th-Faculty Meeting (3:00), District School Board Meeting (7:00), Student Teacher Meeting (9:00)

13th-Grade Verification Due, Math Coach Meeting, Watershed for 1st Grade, Diamond Del visits 3rd Graders

14th-Doughnuts for Dad (K and 2-7:00-7:40), Watershed for 1st grade, Chick-fil-a Spirit Night (4:30-7:00), Teacher of the Year Banquet

15th-Doughnuts for Dad (1st and 3rd-7:00-7:40), MUSE to visit 2nd Graders, Club Day, Support Staff Nominations Due

18th-MLK Holiday-No School

19th-Report Cards and Signed papers go home, PBIS/RtI Team Meets (2:45)

20th-Club and Class pics

22nd-Published Pups and Award's Day (1st-12:30, 2nd-1:00, 3rd-1:30)

25th-PTA Board meeting (6:00), Discovery Ed Lessons

26th-Faculty Meeting (3:00)

27th-PAW Celebration Store

28th-Terrific Kid (8:30)

29th-Principal Pals, signed papers, first draft of yearbook due

Birthday Wishes Go Out to......

To be filled in...

A Day in the Life @ BSE

Remind 101 for Teachers

PLEASE SURE THAT YOU ARE SIGNED UP TO RECEIVE TEXT! To receive faculty and staff reminders, please text @bsete to 1-443-345-1126