Vote for the Columbian Exchange

Created by: Jaedon Brown

what is the Colombian Exchange

The Colombian Exchange refers to a period of cultural and biological exchanges between the New and Old Worlds.

why I would vote for the Colombian Exchange

i would vote for the Colombian Exchange because it helps the new and old world because they get new food BUT the old world gave diseases and the new world did not notice, I mean i know the Colombian Exchange is a little bit bad because the old world had all the good thing like cow,horse,deer,and ETC.

positives and negatives about the Colombian Exchange

Some positive things about the Colombian exchange is that it brought trade and new goods to Europe & Established relationships between the world as a whole including Asia.Creates a new source of wealth for the Europeans.

Some negatives things about the Colombian Exchange is that it killed a lot of people in the new world due to diseases,slavery,and diseases spread