Come to The Ceremony!

The Ceremony of (Age)

The Ceremony of (Age) is coming soon!

This is a ceremony to commemorate the ages of children 1-12 in the community, as one big birthday. All the children born in the same year, turns the next age older at the same, while getting a gift that depends on what age they are turning. After twelve, they just stop counting.

Ones: A name and a family unit

Twos: Discipline wand

Threes: Dream telling

Fours: Jacket (Buttons on the back for interdependence)

Fives: (same as fours)

Sixes: (same as fours)

Sevens: Jacket (Buttons on the front for independence)

Eights: New Jacket (Pockets and smaller buttons)

Nines: Bicycles

Tens: New haircuts

Elevens: New Clothes

Twelves: An assignment


Thursday, Dec. 1st, 8:30am

Community Audotorium

The different ceremonies just follow one after another, starting with ones following all the way up to twelves.

Come to the Ceremony!

Family units are encouraged to come to the Ceremony!