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Criteria needed to get into Canada (Economic immigrants)

There is certain criteria needed for an economic immigrant to get into Canada. If you are engaging in an act of espionage or act of subversion against the democratic government, you are admissible. You are also inadmissible if you are engaging i an act of terrorism or engaging in/instigating subversion by any force of government. You are not admissible if you are a danger to the security of Canada/safety of Canadians, like engaging in acts of violence. Lat you are not admissible if you are a member of an organization that engages/has engaged/will engage in any of the acts listed above. If you are clear from all of what is listed, you should be admissible to come into the country.

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Why You Should Immigrate To Canada!

Canada=a better life. Really! We have so much to offer to economic immigrants like yourself, including a great economy that needs skilled workers. We have several jobs in many different trades, so you don’t have to worry about finding work here. We also have a safe country, with free speech laws, and fundamental freedoms to protect you. Canada is full of beautiful, natural landscapes, and resources, and we have a wonderful, stable health-care system! All this and more is available in Canada, so what are you waiting for?

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We help immigrants everywhere get into our amazing and peaceful country of Canada. For over 40 years we have been helping immigrants find shelter/ a home.