Kimberly Garcia || period 4

Meaning of pre sports

Pre-sports: Is to get ready for athletics in the 7th grade. Or if you want to join a sport you know a little bit more about it.


1. Always have hair in a ponytail

2. Try Your Hardest

3. Must be active 100% of the time

4. Must always have a pair of athletic shoes

5. Bring lock for your locker

Things We Do

What we MUST do


We have to dress out because we cant work out\play with normal clothes on! Your going to be sweating alot if your conditioning somedays. Also to not get your clothes nasty, and dirty ect. Whats the point of having a lockerroom if you are not going to dress out or use it. You only have like 5 min to dress out and get back out. Now lockers. Lockers are VERY important, because people will steal your person belongings. And sometimes they can steal even your most important things... YOUR CLOTHES! I know your binder might not fit if you have tiny little lockers like we do. But just but it under your locker or stuff it in your locker! Health days are very important because people might not know certain thing about sports\body. We have health day every friday. Some people might have it every other day but we dont because actually learning the sport is more important. On health days we dont dress out because their is really no meaning to it. Since we have health day on fridays we get out all our clothes we used that week and bring them back home so they can get washed. :)


Check out this cool website that tells more about an interesting sport :D