Coolangatta Airport Car Rentals

How to find the best Coolangatta Airport Car Rentals

Renting a car at the airport used to be simple, and was often the best way to ensure you had a vehicle when you exited the terminal. However, the recent shift in the global economy means that many car hire companies are finding it harder to keep a fleet of cars waiting for customers at the airport. Some have even been known to run out of vehicles when there is a strong demand for cars. As tourists try to juggle the practicality of the airport car hire with the risk that there might not be any vehicles left at the Coolangatta Airport car rentals outlets, it makes sense to plan ahead and secure your car before you arrive.

Research the type of car you will want to drive

If you want to make sure you are able to drive a vehicle away from a Gold Coast car hire company at the airport, then your first step will have to be to research the vehicles being offered by businesses for that airport. You may not always be able to get the car that you wanted at first, but being able to choose before you arrive at the airport means that you do have a little more freedom. There should be more cars which could be made available than would be there on the day you arrive, so it makes sense to do a little research, and see if any companies providing car hire at the airport will be able to give you the car that you want.

Look for good quotes

Many companies will seem to offer you a good deal on your hire vehicle, but will also include a number of extras and conditions that mean you pay more than expected to for your hire car. The secret here is to make sure you get a firm price from your Gold Coast car hire airport dealership, since they are the ones that can set the price. Don't accept any extras, regardless of how tempting they might seem, since they could prove to be pricey. Any quotes that you do arrange should have insurance listed as part of the deal, or should have a discount for not including the insurance in the price. If you can find an insurance broker to recommend a suitable car hire company, then you could save a lot of money on your vehicle.

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