Find The Truth

The Truth is in Islam

A Message of Peace and A Request of Consideration

Asalama-u-Alikum, fellow brothers and sisters, this is a plea from the misunderstood. Islam is the completion of all the religions in the World. Islam's teachings are everywhere. Every religion is a part of Islam, it is just that all other religion's have been changed and adjusted. All other religion's divine books have been changed by numerous mere humans over time, though the claimed believers of the other certain faiths still claim that the book is from the almighty God with true teachings, but the Holy Quran is pure and is the complete guide for how humans should live their life regarding every matter. The Holy Quran is the same as it was 1500 years ago, it is still with all it's beauty and teachings. Islam is misunderstood, we ask of you to look at Muslims for who they are. To revise the Quran and teach of it, The Lord will send his messengers until the end of the universe. We are righteous, God-fearing peoples of peace, harmony, and love. We practice morales that are held in high esteem internationally every moment of our lives.