Rich Hill

The Success Behind the Documentary


The Documentary achieved its purpose by practically narrating the lives of young boys that live in the poorest parts of America. It gave perspective to what their everyday lives consist of.

Defining the Purpose

The documentary was made in order to give people an entire new view on life. It provided a window into the types of lives that are entirely different than ours. The documentary, in a way, it made everyone grateful for what they have.
Rich Hill Movie CLIP - Getting Out of Rich Hill (2014) - American Small Town Documentary HD

Achieving the Purpose

When the audience finds out why Harley has such a hard time dealing with life, there was an audible gasp. Learning that a parent isn't always loving is a shock to some. Or when Andrew was talking about how his father cannot keep a steady job, we can understand why Andrew spends most of his school time alone. He doesn't have many friends. When Appachey gets sent to a detention center to finish school, hearts broke because the audience knew that his mother wouldn't get to see him for a while. Emotional music almost constantly playing in the background and dramatic camera cuts with some nature shots are also added for extra affect.


After watching the film, I felt an undeniable sense of sadness because I've been through tough times but they've almost never been as tough. I also felt grateful for the life that I live now. The documentary was made to allow an audience to see a different perspective and it achieved just that.
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