Come Move to The West

By Alexa Johnson

Calling all Farmers

Have you ever wondered if you could grow beets three feet in diameter and turnips five feet around? Well with soil as fertile as the west you can! Moving out west is a great business decision because of the new opportunities of the land. Getting to the west is the hardest part and it just became easier! The Oregon and Sante Fe trails are easy land paths used to travel on. Canals were also built on the East and river transportation is easy with the steam boat! So why don't you come to the West today to start your ranch today and experience endless success!

Move to the West Today!

Calling all Homesteaders

Through the New Homestead act getting land is as easy as filling out a application. You get 160 acres of land for small fee! Which is way more land you could dream of in the overpopulated East. You have to be at least 21 years of age and improve the land over five years. You have to build a home and grow crops. After five years of this the land is fully yours! So what are you waiting for? Follow Manifest Density today and fill out a application and move West today!