Danny Worsnop and Leonardo Di Vinci

Justun Gifford

Danny Worsnop and Da Vinci Simularities

Danny Worsnop is the lead vocalist for "We are Harlot" and before that he was the vocalist of "Asking Alexandria". Danny Worsnop did not grow up the same way that Da Vinci did so they are two different kinds of artists. This shows in the type of art that they have made, but they both have excelled at multiple forms of art. Worsnop has excelled in multiple genres of music, these genres being metalcore, and classic rock. Da Vinci was a painter and an excellent painter. These forms of art are different, but the similarities are not based off of the forms of art. The similarities between Danny Worsnop and Leonardo Da Vinci are more in the talent in the things they do. Danny Worsnop is a legend in the music world for his extreme talent displayed in "Asking Alexandria" and he is making a name for himself in the classical rock world as well. Leonardo Di Vinci is the legend of his time, and is remembered for his unnatural talent and artistic ability.