Technology at Lineville

Lainey Wight

Things we Learned, and did in Technology.

Typing Web

  • On typing web, we learned how to type using the home row key.
  • It can come in handy in life when you get older because for most jobs, you need to know how to type.
  • We also got to do some games to improve our typing. It was fun!


  • We made an iTrailer about our self, and it was really fun.
  • ITrailers can come in handy when you get older because if you need a way to present something for a job, you can present it using iTrailor.
  • You can add important pictures, and captions to present, and to explain things.

Career Locker

  • Career Locker is a website that you use to figure out what you want to do when you get older. What you want to do later in life.
  • You can explore collages, and their fees; jobs, how much you get payed, and where there are job openings; and you can take assessments that will show you jobs that your interests fit.
  • We also got to play games that were about the occupations, and that were like them.

Haiku Deck

  • Haiku Deck Is a presentation app.
  • You can add photos, and add text so that you can explain things.
  • It can come in handy later in life because you can use it to present things for jobs, and explain information.

Explain Everything

  • On explain Everything, you can explain your projects by recording them.
  • You can explain things by recording yourself explaining your presentation, and then you can just play your presentation, instead of talking in front of a crowd.
  • It is also very easy because you can record yourself writing thing on your presentation, instead of actually writing and explaining as you are presenting.

Hour of Code

  • On Hour of Code, there are very educational games/puzzles, and you need to have problem solving skills to figure them out.
  • There are different themes you can do like Angry birds, and Frozen.
  • You have to figure out problems, and beat all 20 levels.

Email Etiquette