Mangum Family News

January 15, 2016


This week we did an author study of Jan Brett. We discussed how Jan Brett is both an author and illustrator like Mo Williems. We looked at the type of pictures she draws and realized that she makes her illustrations realistic, even though the story is fiction. We also went on Jan Brett's website and learned about how she writes her stories. We found out that she plans her stories before she starts writing. We are working on using that skill in our writing center. We also compared and contrasted her stories, focused on different vocabulary she uses, and used her pictures to predict what would happen next.

We read:

  • The Hat
  • The Mitten
  • Armadillo Rodeo
  • Town Mouse and Country Mouse
  • Trouble with Trolls


This week we have been very busy with our Great Horned Owl! After learning about how the Great Horned Owl catches his prey and eats the whole animal, including the bones, we learned about their pellets. Since the owl cannot digest the bones he throws up an owl pellet. Our class got to dissect owl pellets. It was lots of fun. Using tweezer (and wearing gloves :) the children took apart the owl pellets to find bones. They then used a bone chart to figure out what animal their owl ate. We found mice, rats, shrews, moles, and other birds. The children loved it!!!

Now that we have learned all about the Great Horned Owl we have begun constructing him. The children signed up for different parts to build and have been working hard on her. We have also been adding information about the Great Horned Owl to our fact books.


We have been busy bees during centers this week.

The children have been writing facts in their fact books about the Great Horned Owl. We also measured our wing span to compare it to the Great Horned Owls.

We also introduced different challenges to our manipulative and block center. The children have been lining up dominoes to see how many they can get to fall down. They are then filming it with the iPad to see how it works and if there is an error, they can watch the video to determine what they need to change to make it work.

We also voted to change our dramatic play center into a bookstore! We have been busy figuring out everything we need for the bookstore, including books and money. The children have decided they can earn money by writing books for the bookstore. They are very excited about setting up our bookstore!!


  • As I am sure you heard, we have the blessing of having an intern in our room this semester. Miss Whiten is joining us from ASU. She has already done a great job! It is so exciting to have another teacher in the classroom to help with projects and learning. The children already love her! She will be with us until March 11.
  • Please remember that your children need to wear tennis shoes for PE on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Upcoming Dates:

January 18: No School

January 28: Group Picture Day

January 29: 100th Day of School!

February 15: Professional Learning Day (No School for children)