Lower El Extra!

December 2015 - Edition 2

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A BIG thank you to Emmanuel Atiyeh for serving as our Editor-in-Chief of our first edition last month!

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This month's contributors:

Editor - Carter Perry

Photographers - Ben Agaipour & Alex Obadal

Journalists - Ben Agaipour, Emmanuel Atiyeh, Ethan Garza, Lyon Jones-Rutledge, Dylan Stickle

Interview with Nathan Belch

By Dylan Stickle

Nathan Belch works at Authentic Guitars in Williamsburg, Virginia. He studied at VCU in Richmond and graduated in 2001. Nathan played in a band called Tomamate Duo after college. They played acoustic music.

He started teaching guitar lessons in 1998. His favorite guitar is a Fender Stratocastor, and his favorite amp is a Fender Turn. He was inspired to play guitar by the tv show, Hee Haw. His favorite music is the Blues.

He inspires me.

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Jamestown Field Trip

By Ben Agaipour

Our class had a very exciting field trip to Jamestown Settlement on November 9th. In the outdoor area there is a giant map of the world that you can walk on, and there is also a monument that shows how many years ago Jamestown was settled. We all visited the Indian village, the ships of Jamestown, and the English Fort.

In the Indian Village there are longhouses, which are also called Yehacans. In the longhouses there are holes in the roof to let the smoke out. In the Indian Village the women are in charge of the cleaning, building the longhouses, and farming. The Indian men are responsible for fishing and hunting. The Powhatan Indians hunted deer for food, and they used all the parts of the deer. They mashed the brain up to make brain juice to soften the deer hide for clothes. They also used the bones to make tools like fish hooks and arrows for fishing and hunting.

We learned a lot about the English settlers by visiting the English Fort and ships. In 1607 the English sailed across the ocean to settle in the New World in Jamestown, Virginia. The three ships they sailed on were named, the Susan Constant, the Godspeed, and the Discovery. Aboard the ship there were 139 men, 4 boys, and chickens and pigs. The journey was long, and they got very bored. They played cards without numbers for fun. When they got to Jamestown they built wooden houses and walls for protection, and they also brought gunpowder and guns with them. It was difficult for the settlers to survive because they had no experience living in the wild.

Fun Fact: I learned that instead of toilets, they used cups to go to the bathroom at night.

Music Class

By Ethan Garza

Williamsburg Montessori School has a new award-winning music teacher named Ms. Darlene. She has 15 years' experience teaching children's choir. She is studying for her PhD at William and Mary.

Ms. Darlene teaches us how to play the recorder. She is also teaching us musical notes EGBDF. We are learning how to play Jingle Bells on our recorders. We might have a performance coming up near Christmas time. Stay tuned!

We really enjoy Ms. Darlene's music class. Gizelle and Ben especially enjoy playing the recorders. Christopher said, "My favorite part of music class is singing!" Gabriel said, "My favorite thing in music class is learning about the notes!"

We look forward to having music with Ms. Darlene for the rest of the year!

Spanish Class

By Lyon Jones-Rutledge

Ms. Corinna teaches Upper and Lower Elementary Spanish. I like Ms. Corinna because she knows a lot of Spanish. She is very knowledgeable and intelligent. She likes it when we listen.

Ms. Corinna is teaching the third years about the months of the year, days of the week, and other things we see on calendars. For example, "lunes" means Monday. The second years are working on identifying and labeling classroom nouns. The first years are working on colors and numbers. Christopher likes "azul," which is the color blue.

Ms. Corinna is a very good Spanish teacher.

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Art Class with Ms. Mary

By Emmanuel Atiyeh

This year, we are doing art class with Ms. Mary. She teaches us a lot about art. For example, she taught us something really cool last week. She taught us how to use paper to paint! It’s actually very easy. That’s because it’s basically a collage. She also taught us about lines. The four lines are vertical lines, horizontal lines, diagonal lines, and curved lines. So, art class is very fun!

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Stay tuned for some new items in the next edition coming out in early February!

Happy Holidays!