The Wonders of Toronto

Home of the Observations! By: Mustafa Azhar

Observation of Toronto

Toronto is Ontario's Capital City and I got a chance to visit it with my class on October 28th. From what I saw, Toronto is VERY different from Mississauga. First of all, Toronto is very packed, meaning, it has a lot of people. Toronto is very developed and now it has no space left for new development on the ground. If there is to be a development in Toronto, it has to be built upwards, so for example, what I saw was that there was condos built on top of shops, which I find very amusing and interesting. Another thing I observed was that it has a lot of different types of transportation. So, Toronto has cars, buses, bikes, subways, street cars, and Taxis. In Mississauga, we do not have a subway system, we have trains but we do not have subways. We also do not have rental bikes. Toronto also has many commercial areas, for example, an art gallery, The Rogers Centre, The Eaton Centre, Ripley's Aquarium and the CN Tower. Many of the headquaters are also in Toronto. Finally, Toronto has a lot of Condo buildings because there are many people in Toronto. At the moment, Toronto has more than 2.8 million people in it.

What I learned on the Trip

I learned that Toronto has a lot of graffiti. And the graffiti isn't random things (like swear words) sprayed onto the walls, the graffiti is actually really beautiful pictures sprayed on. The first picture above, is one of the graffiti's that I saw in Toronto. I also learned that there are condo buildings made on top of stores, which is kind of weird because personally to me, it does not look good. I'd rather have stores and condo buildings separated and have their own space. I also got a chance to go and experience the Kensington Market. Personally, I feel like its like Pakistan because the shops in Pakistan are exactly like the shops in Kensington Market. Finally, our bus went through Chinatown, and I was impressed to see how it was because there is a whole place dedicated to China, which is really cool.
Art Gallery of Ontario Video Tour!!! Seasons of the Sixpack: Workout

Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO)

The AGO is a tourist attraction in Toronto. It is a place in Toronto that many people like to visit because it has all sorts of art in it.