Exercise Balls in the Classroom

Maybe we should re-think it.

The Idea

The Idea as explained by Teacher Robbi Giuliano is that when a student is on an exercise ball they have to use muscles in their legs and their core to keep balance which keeps them more alert. Students have also said that it is easier to sit because "You are not all bent up"- Student Kevin Kent. It keeps them moving and being physical and not just sitting in the same spot for a prolonged period of time.


Many Schools around the country are opting for this type of seating if not permanent just to try it out to see what happens and if grades will improve.


Teachers are replacing chairs with exercise balls to promote paying attention and keeping students more alert.


The time is unknown when they first started doing it but the article was published March 15, 2012.


West Chester, Pennsylvania Mr. Giuliano's Classroom.


He believes that it helps keep students alert and in turn get better grades.


I think that other schools will continue to try out this idea and it will be encouraged as it spreads. I think that eventually it will even reach a lot of the classrooms in our district.


I can connect to this because I have always liked having exercise balls. And at one point we had one.

The Arguement

I think we should bring our exercise ball back to the classroom for use at a cubicle only. And only those who are allowed are permitted to use it. Anyone who would want to use the exercise ball would have to earn the privilege just as we earn the privilege to free choice. I think it would be a great addition for the classroom and to those enabled to use it.
Exercise balls in classrooms


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