Blue Haze Bulletin

Weekly Staff Newsletter 1/18 - 1/22

Friday's PD

In preparation for our campus PD on Friday, I'd like teachers to reflect on the following:

  • How are you building positive relationships with your students? Parents?
  • How does your rapport with students support their motivation and enthusiasm for learning?
  • How much time do your students have each day for uninterrupted, independent reading of self-selected texts?
  • How do you use student journals to celebrate the progress they've made throughout the year?
  • How does your team plan instruction to focus on higher needs SEs?

Upcoming Dates:

Tuesday 1/19: Team Lead Meeting, 3:05 Conference Room

Wednesday 1/20: K-4 Team Lesson Planning Collaboration Time, Warm-up Wednesday

Thursday 1/21: Life Skills Meeting 3:05, Conference Room, $1 Wear Sweats Day, 3rd Six Weeks Ends, Grade Level PLCs

Friday 1/22: Staff Development Day, MPR

Monday 1/25: 4th Six Weeks Begins

Wednesday 1/27: Birthday Lunch/Soup Theme, Utopia; Staff Meeting, MPR, 3:05, Warm-up Wednesday

Thursday 1/28: Grade Level PLCs, PTA Executive Board Meeting


Don't forget to fill at least one bucket everyday! Every staff member has a bucket on the wall next to their door...let's spread some cheer and make our colleagues smile! A few words go a long way!

Professional Reminders:

  • When walking students to specials, walk the students all the way to the special teacher's door and wait to be sure that teacher is read to receive them at the correct drop off time. Students are walking to classes unsupervised and being dropped off early with no teacher in the classroom. Please be sure your class is supervised at all times.
  • We are picking up disinfectant wipes. If you have wipes, please be sure wiping desks down is a part of your daily dismissal routine.
  • If you have any issue or concern with a parent, please let Jim and I both know so we are aware before possibly being contacted by the parents.
  • Please remember our campus-wide PBIS expectations. These expectations apply in any environment--classrooms, hallways, cafeteria, etc. We must be consistent with our expectations.

Sign In/Out Book

Staff members no longer need to sign in every morning!!!! :) Instead of spending the time to walk back and forth in the mornings, please report directly to your morning duty location or your classroom.

Anytime you leave campus during the day, you still need to sign out using the sign out sheet and contact admin so we're aware.

4th Grade Mentors

Teachers, if you haven't already, reach out to your 4th grade friend this week! Remember to chat with them 10 or so minutes about their most recent writing piece. Try to talk with them during their ELA time so we're not taking away from their math/science instruction.
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Great Articles!

These are insightful, short articles...quick reads!

How do you support positive and effective communication with your team?

In what ways do you cultivate and maintain a warm, fun environment for learning?

How do you continuously promote GRIT in your classroom?

How could you incorporate focused attention practices throughout instruction?

GRIT & Growth Mindset

Staff, don't forget to talk about GRIT and Growth Mindset with your students as we move into spring semester! This is a long stretch of instruction between now and Spring Break, and we must do our best to keep our students motivated! Revisit the importance of GRIT and Growth Mindset in your classes, and remember to praise the EFFORT!
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Have a wonderful week everyone!