Annual Wellness Fair

A celebration of health enhancing activities and services.

The third annual Wellness Fair for the teachers and staff of the Hanover & Norwich schools is scheduled for next Wednesday, April 1st! Come visit with a wide variety of people and business who promote personal well-being. With great variety, from belly dancing to martial arts, nutrition to performing arts, there is sure to be something for everyone. Speaking of something for everyone, there will be prizes, prizes, prizes! Over 20 prizes will be available through the raffle (from a computer bag to theater tickets, and from gardening tool kits to discounted and free exercise/training sessions and much more). Some vendors are even doing prizes and raffles from their vendor tables, including a FitZip give away, water bottles and a variety of samples.

Annual Wellness Fair

Wednesday, April 1st, 2:30-4pm

Frances C Richmond School, Hanover, NH, United States

Hanover, NH

A few words to the wise:
- School buses will still be leaving with students as late as 2:15, if not a bit later, so please do not come earlier than 2:30 pm
- As parking is limited, please carpool as much as possible!
- Parking is also available at the Ray School, so pack your sneakers and enjoy the short walk.
- The format of the Fair is a little different this year...please enter through the front lobby doors and start the loop of vendors from there. The vendors will be spread-out through the art/living arts/woodworking hallways as well as the 6th grade hallway, making an actual loop that you can follow to be sure to see each vendor while enjoying a little walking tour of sunny RMS (hopefully there will be sun by then!).