Ways to Advertise in BHS!

Erin Martin

Video Announcements

The course "Media Productions" at our high school provides video announcements everyday that are shown to the entire student body. A skit or interview in the video announcements about a product would be a great way to advertise.

Audio Announcements

Every morning three members of the student body read over the PA system all of the current announcements/events going on in the school. An announcement about a product during the morning announcements would be a great way to promote it.


All types of clubs and organizations hang up flyers and posters all over the school to promote themselves and their activities. Posters or flyers advertising a product would put a visible promotion in the hallways of the school.

Social Networking

Social networking is used by many people, especially high school students. There are many ways to advertise on social networking sites that would be a beneficial way to promote an item.