A boy named Paris, a son of priam king of troy, and mother Hebuca had a dream of her unborn son that was a torch and will bring destruction to troy and catch the country on fire.

Paris married a beautiful women named oenon. They loved each other and had a good life.

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Later on Paris judged a contest among three goddesses- Aphrodite, Athena, and Hera over the apple discord. He choose Aphrodite because Aphrodite promised him that she will get him the most beautiful women in the world. Hera and Athena hated Paris ever since.

Then he fell in love with a beautiful women named Helen, the wife of Menelaus.

Helen left with Paris to troy, and when the king found out, he gathered with other city, states and started get ready to attack , all because of Helen's affair.

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Helen went to troy with Paris and the king Menelaus found out ,then that's when he decided that he should bring back Helen with a war.

This was called the Trojan war, they brought in a horse that was a sign of peace to the people of troy but when everyone went to sleep, inside the horse were soldiers of king Menelaus ready to attack the people of troy just to get Helen back

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