January Wellness Update

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New Years Resolutions

Too many times when January rolls around people feel pressured to completely reshape who they are and come up with some pretty daunting New Years resolutions. “It’s a new year I need to become a new me, reinvent myself for the better,” they think. But what’s wrong with who you were in 2015? I’m all for empowering and bettering yourself but New Years resolutions don’t have to be complete overhauls, a few little tweaks that can actually stick with you throughout the year could have longer lasting effects than a major overhaul which ends up leaving you exhausted and burnt out by the end of March.

Instead of one giant resolution what if you came up with a few smaller more manageable resolutions? Maybe you want to get in shape: instead of saying you have to hit the gym or your yoga mat 7 days a week you could aim for just going that one extra time per week.

Whatever you choose, don’t get sucked into the New Years resolution dilemma of having to completely shake up who you are with an insurmountable resolution, because who you are now is pretty amazing, and who you are now has gotten through so many different adventures to prepare you for everything 2016 has to offer you.

Sleep Remedies

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Stress Relief Stretches

Need to shake up your winter workout routine but also need a way to destress?

Check out 9 different exercises to promote stress relief here!

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