Jaguar Journal

Week of 9/9/19

THANK YOU for all your hard work helping our jaguars GROW!!!!

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Important Events for the Week:

Monday, September 9th:

Tuesday, September 10th:

  • 5th/K PLC

  • MTSS Meeting at 11 in PLC room

  • PBIS/DLT/Sunshine Meetings after dismissal (Locations for meetings are as follows: PBIS - Hamilton, DLT - PLC room, Sunshine - Media Center)

  • PTA/Parent Teacher Partnership

    • 5:30 - 6:00 - PTA interest meeting in Media Center

    • 6:00 - 6:25 - Welcome and School Security in the MPR

    • 6:30 - 6:55 - Rotation 1 in classrooms

    • 7:00 - 7:25 - Rotation 2 in classrooms

*Staff introductions this year for parents in the MPR will be quick. We are going to have Blice/Fowler from the central office to share about school security and they will need at least 10-15 minutes. If you would be in the MPR at 6 and stand with grade level groups at the front. Instead of each person saying their name, I will introduce each team: Pre-K,K, 1st, specials, support staff, etc. team. I want parents to get to see all that make the school operate but also want to allow time for the school safety discussion prior to time in classrooms. You are welcome to head to your classroom after introductions. Please ask if you have questions!*

Wednesday, September 11th:

  • 4th/1st PLC

  • Carla out at monthly principal meeting

Thursday, September 12th:

  • 3rd/2nd PLC

  • EC PLC - after dismissal in the conference room

  • BOG (3rd Grade) - 1st and 3rd grade specials switched

Friday, September 13th:

  • Tailgate Treats - please sign up to bring a yummy treat to school to share!

Upcoming Important Dates:

Read to Achieve test for 4t students on October 23


  • Read/Understand NCE Handbook: All staff need to read the NCE Staff Handbook and complete this google form by 9/7. Completing the Google form indicates that you have read the NCE Staff Handbook and do not have any questions. Please see Carla or Eddie if you have questions.

  • Achieve 3000 and Smarty Ants: We are so excited that our traditional/monolingual classes have access to two wonderful reading and writing programs that were previously only available to our dual language classes! All classes K-2 now have access to Smarty Ants through Clever. All classes 3-5 now have access to Achieve 3000 through Clever. In order to get everyone up and running with these programs, we will have training on Wednesday, October 9th. All PLCs that week will meet on Friday the 9th instead of their usual day that week. An Achieve 3000/Smarty Ants trainer will work individually with each PLC. Until then, please feel free to start using the programs.

IStation Testing: Fifth grade did not have any IStation modeling components so they have already begun testing. It has been smooth sailing so far! Students were able to easily access Istation through Clever and the few students who tested were finished all components between 26-40 minutes. Please remember:

    • If you have done modeling all week and you feel your students are ready for the real test, please feel free to have them start next week.

    • Please give the assessment in small groups and sit with them so you can actively monitor. Remind them about being timed and staying focused.

    • Students are timed, if they take too long they will timeout on a question and it will be counted against them. The longer the fifth graders took to complete the assessment, the lower they seemed to score overall.

    • You can pause and/or stop the test at any point if you feel the kids need to continue working later. They can do it over several days if you feel it is best.

    • Each student testing will need headphones.

    • Brittany found a good comparative chart for Lexile numbers and guided reading levels that you can use once we have data rolling in from IStation.

IStation Devices: Here is the latest update from the Digital Learning & Technology Dept. regarding the Istation app:

  • The Istation app has been "pushed" to all Chromebooks. You should be able to access it through Clever

  • The Istation app has also been "pushed" to all iPads. If you are testing students on iPads -- To access the app, go to the Self Service button app and download.

  • The Isation app has not been "pushed" to the Macbooks by the district. But if you follow the directions in the video below you can add it to your Macbooks

  • Accessing Istation on Various Devices -- This short video will show you how to access IStation on all the different devices we have at the school. Shout out to Carmen Gaby for her efforts on this video.

District Materials:

  • Ready Math Texts: The math texts will be delivered next week. Mandy will bring your texts to your rooms next week when NCE receives theirs. Remember you can access everything on the Toolbox online too.

  • 3rd - 5th Grade - Handwriting Without Tears were delivered this afternoon and Mandy will get them to you asap. The Red books are for third graders. The Blue books are for fourth graders. At this time the 5th grade will not have HWT. However, there is a possibility for 5th grade to have HWT later in the year.

  • Here is the Elementary Science Kit Schedule for this year. It will be added to the NCE Staff page too.

  • The PTA Thrift Shop Sign-Up has been posted in the workroom (copy room). Teachers are invited to sign-up for a night and communicate that night to their parents. It may be helpful to recruiting (but not required) for the teacher to also attend. This is a great first task for your room parent! Each teacher will receive $8 for each volunteer that attends, and, as a bonus, if the night is full, the PTA will throw in an additional $25! That's a potential $137 you can spend in your classroom! As always, if you have any questions, requests, complaints, or kudos for the PTA, we would love to hear them! Contact Lauren Whitley (, 919-696-4843.

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Teacher Evaluation Information/Plan:

  • Always work to get the green checkmark for each task.

  • Orientation - please use the following date in NCEES for our staff orientation - 8/29/19

  • Please complete your orientation by Tuesday, September 3rd.

  • Please complete your self reflection by Tuesday, September 10th.

  • PDP's will be due the end of September. We will discuss as a PLC/group.

PDP Goals:

  • One as PLC using 18/19 Reading Data

  • One other by choice (bridging, technology, restorative practices, etc)

Rubric Self Reflection Support

Think of the following when doing your self-assessment (a bicycle analogy):

Developing: You get on the bike, know that you need to move the pedals to make the bike go, but you fall almost every time you try.

Proficient: You can get on the bike and ride it a short distance though it may be wobbly or you ride a further distance but you don’t ride often.

Accomplished: You ride your bike to work without thinking about the gears, pedals, etc. at all and you ride the bike every day the weather permits.

Distinguished: You ride your bike to work every day the weather permits, without thinking about the bike and you give riding lessons to others.

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Duties for the Week:

AM Duty:

Early Bus/Cafe/Lobby: Trejo, K. Horton

Main Lobby/Hallway: Loftus

Intersection/MPR Lobby: Ross

4th/5th Hallway: Maul

Bus: Trygar

Car: Murray, Alvarez, Brooks, Avila, DePietro, Rowland

PM Duty:

Bus Ramp: Trygar, Bland, Crankshaw

Late Bus: Trygar, Parrish, Avila, Alvarez, Brooks

Car: Eiden, Brennan, Negroni, Landis, Exley, Sistrunk , Sportelli, Stahoviak, Sanzone- Team Leader, Loftus- Team Leader

Classroom Teachers and/or Specials Teachers, Even if you do not have duty, please help walk students all the way to buses, after school, late bus and car riders. We should never send students to these places unsupervised. Those walking students to car riders, please make sure they are seated and quiet before leaving. We will have way fewer staff members helping beginning this week and we need it to go as smoothly as it has the last few weeks. How students come in and get settled is a huge part of the success of a safe dismissal.

Support staff, Even on weeks you do not have duty. Please look for ways to help make sure we dismiss students safely and that hallways are well supervised from 2:55 - 3:05.