Effects of the holocaust

Some people have been asking us to do an update on the holocaust and how it effected people so we answered some questions people were wondering about. We answered them to the best of our ability, so if you would like to know what they are and what we thought please keep reading.

How did the camp life change the prisoners as a person? A family? And relationships with other human beings?

The camp life changed those people by stripping them of everything. First they took their rights, then their family, then their will to live. They took their humanity away by making them stave and run in the snow almost naked. By threatening to burn them alive if they are slow or old or lazy. Even if they did do better the officers couldn't admit that they had to shoot them in the head anyway. They then ripped family's apart by separating the females from the males then go burn the women. Then the men would kick into survival mode and only cared to save themselves they would kill each other over a crumb of bread or when they get sick wish them dead so they didn't have any baggage weighing them down. They stopped caring for other humans they found no love or kindness in people anymore. All people cared about was making it to the next day and when was their next meal going to come.

Identify at least 3 themes in the novel "Night"

  1. Evil. The things they did to them had to be just plain old evil. They would wash them in gasoline, they would burn them alive, would throw a crumb of bread and watch them kill each other for fun.
  2. faith. Lots of people lost their faith because of this, people looked to the sky and asked god why he was letting this happen why he isn't stopping it. Why is he letting the people who prayed to him, believed in him, and had loved him be punished. But some people didn't lose all faith. Some said they did but they were just mad and confused and got lost but they found their way to him again.
  3. Father-son relationships. Sons killed their fathers over bread crumbs even though they were going to share. they wanted all of the bread they though they needed it more because they were younger and their dad was old and would get shot soon. some just didn't care anymore and thought their dad was bringing them down.

what did "Night" reveal about you as a human being?

It made me think how I would be in that situation, would I have killed my own parents would I tern against my brothers would I lose my faith? I can say what I think and hope would happen but I will never know for sure. I hope that I will always love God and continue in believing in him. I hope that i would never try to hurt my own family I hope that I would be stronger than that. But thats all we can do in a situation like that is have hope.