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Back up all Data

No, your data will not be on the computer that you used this year when you return. Please make sure to back up your data. It is a good practice to have a back up of anything that you deem important for any computer but more importantly for any district device or device that you do not own. If you do not have a backup, please make sure that you make one before you leave for the summer. This summer will be a busy summer. When you return in the fall, the computer you were using may be a different computer, if not it will most definitely have a different operating system on it which will require us to re-image the computer erasing all data on the hard drive.

Good news!! Your Google Drive is unlimited...which means you can save a backup of your important information there and be able to access it from anywhere. Take advantage of this amazing storage solution.

Click here for a step by step guide to uploading a file or folder to the drive. Tip: You may want to dump all of your information into one master folder for easier upload if you have a great deal to upload.

FAQ: If I upload to the drive, does that mean that all of my word documents will change to google docs?

No! You have the option to change the format or not.

Archiving Classroom

Are you using classroom?

Wondering how to close down your classroom for the year? Click here on how to do this.