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September 4, 2015

Curriculum Night - Thank you!

On behalf of the middle school and specials teams, I want to thank those of you who made it out to curriculum night. Please review the packet at your convenience and contact us with any questions or concerns.

Here are links to the curriculum map QR codes and URLs (by grade level) for your child's core subjects and specials classes:

For those who were unable to make curriculum night (or who would like to look back on the information presented), you may click on the links below to access my presentations:

*For those parents of 8th grade students receiving Confirmation this year, please fill out and return THIS FORM (along with a copy of your child's Baptismal certificate) by Oct. 23rd to the school office. Thank you.

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Week 2 in Review

Grade 6 Advisory - Mrs. Lewis and Miss Foyle

This week the sixth grade students focused on their hopes and dreams for the school year. Over the weekend, the students should collect clip art, graphics from magazines, and symbols that represent their hopes and dreams to make into a collage next week.

Grade 6 Language Arts

Our focus this week was on genres. Students worked in teams to explore books from each genre before crafting definitions for each one to present to the class in the form of a poster. On Thursday and Friday, students applied the information that they learned about the genres in a lapbook/file folder project featuring a randomly selected genre. These projects were colorful and creative! In terms of writing, students tried their hand at realistic fiction, fantasy, and mystery stories as well as poetry. It was hard to tell if they had more fun writing their stories or sharing them with one another!

On the grammar front, students reviewed simple and compound subjects and predicates by identifying them in their workbook exercises. Students also started the first word study unit with roots meaning "to do, make." Be on the look out for words like facsimile, suffice, and petrify creeping into their everyday vocabulary.

And speaking of vocabulary...do you know what the word "absquatulate" means? Your 6th grader does! (HINT: It's moving in a certain fashion...)

Grade 6 Religion

The sixth graders had a strong week in Religion class. Kicking off the week, students studied about prayer from the textbook and learned sign language to represent the forms of prayer: thanksgiving, petition, reporting sins, and praising God. Laterin the week, they reflected on the Mass and were introduced to the idea of keeping a Mass journal (with a template). They each received a prayer rock to remind them of the importance of prayer in their lives.

On Thursday, students entered into the prayer experience of Lectio Divina (Divine Word) with open hearts and minds. It was a silent, beautiful experience for all of us! We also used an analogy of sponges and water - be sure to ask your child about that. On Friday the students spent time in guided meditation after listening to the read aloud, "Grandad's Prayers of the Earth." It brought a wonderful close to our week.

Students can be quoted as reflecting on this week's activities as follows: "Your heart grows every time you talk to God in prayer" (6A student) & "Anyone can fill someone else with love" (6B student).

Grade 8 Religion

The eighth graders practiced their respective Mass parts on Monday - 8A led school Mass on Wednesday, and 8B will host next week. While over at Church, students spent some silent time in prayer with God. On Tuesday and Thursday, the students engaged in an opportunity to learn about the Saints (who are great models of prayer). They reviewed a sample "Saint Book" entry (by Miss Foyle), taking time afterwards to generate a list of components they should include in their own entries. They will have an opportunity to create a "practice" Saint Book entry before doing one later on as an assessment. This is a wonderful opportunity for students to start thinking about choosing a Saint for Confirmation.

On Friday, a jigsaw activity and video helped the students dive into the Church's liturgical year. They worked collaboratively in small groups to become "experts" on their assigned season, and they will teach their classmates about that season next week.

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