B.O.B. Binder

Organizational Help

Tier 2: Weekly Check In


As you know your child is using the BOB for homework, organization, and planning this year. This is considered a Tier 1 intervention for all students at Yealey. Now that we have concluded the first quarter, we would like to begin Tier 2 with selected students. Many different factors were considered when determining who would benefit from Tier 2: teacher referral, missing assignments, organization of B.O.B., grades, and STAR scores.

Your child will complete a checklist weekly that will help us guide our time during check in. We will discuss missing homework/assignments, B.O.B. organization, clean out backpack and desk organization. Students will earn points for each of these items on a checklist system to help them gain awareness and independence in these organizational skills.

We hope that this Tier 2 H.O.P.S (Homework, Organization and Planning Skills) intervention will increase your child's academic and personal independence success.


Once per week from 8:35 to 8:55 beginning Monday, November 17th.


Students will report to the cafeteria after exiting the bus. If your child eats breakfast, no problem! They can grab it and meet us at our table.

With Whom?
Mrs. Taulbee and Mrs. Palmer