Hot-T Yoga Night

Come sweat with instructors T3 ans T4 to release some stress!

World renound yoga instructors T3 and T4, formally known as Triiodothyronine and Tryroxine will be in Trachea for the night teaching everyone how to stimulate their metabolism to the max! Free iodine will be provided to drink throughout the session.

Hot-T Yoga Night

Wednesday, April 23rd, 7pm

34 Ventral St. Trachea, NJ

If you have any questions please call Tessa Sarah Highland (TSH) the event regulator.

Class Agenda

The class will begin with instructor Calcitonin as she works you through her blood clacium lowering routine. Then T3 and T4 will introduce their hormone accumulating workout, hopefully increasing your metabolic rate so that you are releasing all that thermal energy and sweating up a storm!