ACT Testing Strageties

Brandon Idelman

ACT guess method

on the ACT letters repeat for the answer about every 5 questions. So if you guess the same letter for every questions you guess on you would get every 1 out of 5 questions correct.

Quality over Quantity

On this test you do not have to complete the test. You can only do half of it and still get a good score. you need to get those correct though. so if you answer only half or 3/4 of the test and answer a lot correct you can still get a good score.


When you are done reading the question, you think of an answer before even looking at the answers. Then you match up what you thought with the real questions.

Math strageties

1. You really need to memorize formulas. Take the time and it will help you a lot.
2. Using the substition method will save you a bunch of time. practtice until you are comfortable with it.
3. Preview the answers. This will help you solve appropriately.

Science Strageties

1. Use annotating strategies. Map every passage and be suer to map based on the passage type
2. Practice recognizing passage types. Do all the passages of one type together before moving on
3.Don't let complex complex vocabulary confuse you. If you come to a word you don't know, stay calm and move on.

English Strageties

1. Pace yourself. Set a speed limit and keep going.
2. if you don't know the answer, answer the shortest answer. it's your best bet.
3. Before you start working on the questions, you should take a few seconds and look through the passage.