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Gatorade Over Water - Caroline McDonough and Gracie Murphy

Why you should choose Gatorade over water.

Gatorade promises better athletic performance and give athletes carbohydrates and electrolytes. In a 20 FL OZ bottle of Gatorade there is 1,967 mg of potassium, 669 mg of sodium and 88 g of carbohydrates. As for a 20 FL OZ bottle of smart water there is no Sodium no carbohydrates and no potassium.

Dr. Robert Cade is the creator of this fabulous sport drink.

Why Gatorade keeps you hydrated

  • One 20 FL OZ Gatorade contains 92 g of overall necessity of what keeps an athlete most athletes hydrated.
  • Gatorade helps replenish the body before sweating so when the athlete begins to exercise the fluid that are unwanted in the body get flushed out by sweat from being hydrated.