UWSP Intern Position Available

Instructional Technology Assistant Intern

The Position

The Instructional Technology Assistant Intern position is a flexible, 3-5 hour per week commitment with the Center for Collaborative and Interactive Technologies (CCIT) for one academic semester. The purpose of the intern position is to provide students interested in applying for an Instructional Technology Assistant position in the CCIT an opportunity to shadow and assist a current ITA. The intern position has the potential for promotion to an Instructional Technology Assistant with up to a 20 hour per week commitment with the CCIT for one academic year. The pay for an ITA position is between $10-$15/hr., depending on experience and skills. If hired as an ITA, interns will be more likely to earn a higher hourly wage due to their training as an intern. ITA interns are unpaid positions which allow for flexible hours and scheduling.


The intern would be training to become an ITA. The ITA is supervised by the Director of the CCIT in the UWSP College of Professional Studies. The ITA provides technology assistance to faculty, staff, and students with the CPS and assists in meeting goals of the CCIT. Position responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Provide tours and training to students, faculty, and staff regarding CCIT technologies available including use of Interactive White Boards (SMART and Promethean), SMART Table, Collaborative Learning Tables, iPads, Swivls, Wacom tablets, and Telepresence
  • Assist with Telepresence connections and technology maintenance.
  • Support students, faculty, and staff in innovative use of technology including lecture capture, screencasting, D2L, PowerPoint, iPad applications, Prezi, and video editing.
  • Promote the functionality and usage of the CCIT.
  • Create and maintain documentation of position activities.
  • Collect data and maintain reports regarding CCIT usage.
  • Maintain flexible work schedule including availability for lab assistance on night and weekends when needed.
  • Other duties when assigned.

Skills and Qualifications

  • Comfort with technology including iPad applications, Prezi, video editing software, and tools useful for lecture capture.
  • Formal training in computer applications, software, and/or programming
  • Willingness and ability to develop skills with new instructional technologies.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication abilities.
  • Comfort instructing others, including faculty and staff, in instructional technologies.
  • Strong organization skills.