Back to School! January 7, 2014

Beach Buddies' Bulletin

Hello Kindergarten Families! Another short week for us in kindergarten. Hope you enjoyed some warm and cozy days at home!

Family Reading Night

Remember, this Thursday is Family Reading Night in our classroom from 5:00-7:00. See you there to celebrate reading as a family. If you have a smart phone or device, be sure you get the app below for a special activity that night.

Apps to Share...

This week we will begin exploring QR (quick response codes) in our classroom. These codes (like the code to the right) can be scanned to give you more information. We will be using these codes for reading and writing in our classroom. Get this free QR code app on a smart phone or device so you can join in a special activity on Family Reading Night. It is also likely that your kindergartner will want to try some QR code scanning at home as well! There are MANY free QR code apps (for any kind of device- not just apple), but In-igma works well for us in kindergarten. Your kindergartner will show you how it works.

Free for a limited time....draw/write with hearts. Fun way to practice star words and word families.
Free for a limited time....great story telling app based on Nursery Rhymes.

Razzle Dazzle Sheets

Thank you for the many Razzle Dazzle sheets returned from the past few weeks. If you have any more at home, be sure to send them in so we can continue our 100% streak! It is pretty impressive to see all the little readers in our class. WOW!

Care Center Visit

Thursday morning we will walking to the Care Center to read. Let me know if you can join us! We will leave AES at 8:50 and return around 10:00.
Enjoy the rest of your week! Hope to see many of you on Thursday.