Fall into Resources!

Check out these fun resources to use in your classroom!


SurfNetKids is a great website full of games, coloring pages, and puzzles for every content area from Language Arts to Social Studies. All for FREE!


Web 2.0 - 21st Century Tools

Web 2.0 is a treasure trove of different websites for use in the classroom with everything from recording and sharing audio to creating interactive charts. The resources on this site are vast and one that was particularly exciting that could be used in many ways was the many many different digital story telling websites to choose from. Students would have a great time with this!


Web 2.0 - Cool Tools for Schools

Cool Tools for Schools has been nominated for the award for Best Education Wiki and also is a collection of websites that would be beneficial to any teacher of any grade. Some of the categories include:







-And Many More!



This website I'm sure most of you are familiar with - an amazing, easy to use website full of ideas for the classroom and beyond! Search for pins, browse your friend's pins, and share your favorite ideas. Great for collaborating ideas!



Edutopia is a wonderful website put together and funded by The George Lucas Foundation (yes, George Lucas the World famous Movie director!). It highlights real teachers in the classroom and the sharing of ideas that have worked for them in a multitude of ways from problem-based learning to activities to classroom management.


The Teaching Channel

Teachingchannel.org is another useful website that features videos of real teachers and their classrooms. Addressing such issues as common core to parent teacher conferences, this website is a great way to get ideas to use in your classroom.



Scholastic has been around a while (over 90 years) and has been in the forefront for children's education. Their website has games, activities, a book store and much more.


Busy Teacher Cafe

Busy teacher cafe is a website geared towards the K-6 classroom. This site has lots of lesson ideas, worksheets, and more in an easy to navigate website.



Piktochart is a website that helps you create your own infographics. Infographics are a fun and visually engaging tool to use with your students. Very helpful in teaching poll and data collection!


Super Teacher Tools

Superteachertools.com can help you make and design your own "Jeopardy" or "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" game based on the content you want your students to understand. The Jeopardy format is fun and very interactive!


Video: Dalton Sherman Keynote

Children are AMAZING - they will blow you away!

I used Edpuzzle to take out a long intro on this video clip that was unneccessary and found EdPuzzle to be pretty easy to use. You could also add audio to it if you wanted to add maybe some notes or instructions for students to hear as they are watching the video. Often there is a part of a video that you would like to show and Edpuzzle was an easy editing tool to do that.

Single Ladies Teacher Dance

VIDEO: Single Lady Teachers

Sometimes Teachers need to be goofy and have fun too!

Video: Global Awareness

Excellent video on how to incorporate and celebrate cultural diversity in the classroom

Video: Teaching Finance to Kindergartners

This video emphasizes the importance of making learning relevant.

Video: Finland's formula for school success

Finland has made remarkable progress in their country's education when they went through reform more than 30 years ago... they now lead the world in education along side with Japan and Korea.