Catawba River Basin

By: Kayla Williams & Tanner Hubbard

How many miles of streams and rivers are included in the Catawba River Basin?

There is a total of 3,004 streams and rivers.

How many people live in the Catawba River Basin?

The population was 1,560,563 in the year of 2010.

Where is the Catawb River Basin is located?

The Catawba River begins on the eastern slopes of the Blue Ridge Mountains in McDowell County. It flows east, then south into Wylie on the NC-SC border.

Describe the Catawba River Basin:

  • a. Linville Gorge Wilderness "Grand Canyon of the East"
  • Linncove Viaduct "The section of Blue Ridge Parkway that snakes around Grandfather Mountain"
  • Grandfather Mt. 5964 feet tall
  • Lake Wylie 13,443 acres
  • Lake Rhodhiss 3,000 acres
  • b. Runoff water
  • Waste water (contains phosphorus and Nitrogen)
  • C.fertilizer and pesticides used by homeowners
  • d. make a dam to collect runoff water.
  • use limited amounts of fertilizers and pesticides to keep good water quality
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