Room 3 News

January 13, 2013

What we will be learning/doing next week:

Language Arts Unit 3 Week 4 Being Creative!

Vocabulary: create, hobby, resourceful, inspire,structure

Grammar:Verbs (Is and Are)

Phonics: Words with -oke,-ose,-ote, -ute, -ube

Spelling: joke, nose, note, woke, cute, cube, chop, whale, old, new

Skill: Drawing Conclusions

Math: finishing up graphs and story problems

Science: Continue with weather and penguins

Since we are reading about and discussing creativity in Language Arts, each student will create an individual Recycled Creation. Please send in clean boxes, string, cans, buttons or any junk lying around the house. No glass. We will turn junk into Masterpieces on Friday morning. If you are free and are able to join us in room 3 from 8:30-9:45 am I would love the extra help.


January 14-18, 2013 Solana Santa Fe will be participating in the Great Kindness Challenge. The program is sponsored by the Student Council. We will have a week devoted to performing as many acts of kindness as possible on campus. Students will be given a check list of 50 kind acts, and will do their best to complete the checklist and prove that bullying is weak and kindness is strength.

Our goal is to ignite a culture of kindness at SSF. Students can work independently, in small groups or as a whole class to complete all 50 challenges. I will have your child put his/her list in the plastic envelope that goes home every day with their books so that you can be sure to see it.

The Great Kindness Challenge started as an annual global event hosted by Kids for Peace, a San Diego based global nonprofit.

Valentines Day

Before you know it Valentine's Day will be here. I would like to encourage the children to make their own cards for each other. Making valentine cards is a fun craft and the children really enjoy receiving the home made cards better than store bought ones. So please start early. If your child participates he/she must have a valentine for each child in the class. We have 22 students and I will be sending home a class list.

Upcoming Events

January 16 th - Star Party with Mr. Kyle

January 21st - Martin Luther King Holiday, no school

January 22-Feb.3 MAPS Testing Schoolwide: no computer lab.

January 30- Feb 3 First Grade MAPS testing

Sharon O'Brien