An Interview With Miss Harty

By Rebecca Schelen

Teacher Who Loves to Teach!!

Miss Harty teaches Advanced Placement World History. This is her second year teaching this course and her third year at Richland High School and she loves every minute of it. She puts all her energy into making sure her students understand all the material she needs to teach them to help them succeed on the AP test at the end of the year. This course is very rigorous and it gives the students a hard time, but with Miss Harty's help all students succeed on their own level.

Miss Harty graduated from the University of Texas Arlington with a Bachelors degree in History Education. Since graduating Miss Harty has taught for 4 years both at Trinity High School and Richland High School.

Miss. Harty strives to see all her students succeed

Grade Levels Taught
  • 10th grade

Classes taught
  • Advanced Placement World history

Classroom Environment

~Miss. Harty's classroom is very warm and inviting to students, her room is colorfully decorated with important information for students. She has a large map of the world posted on her walls to aid students in the study of the world. Students sit in groups of four which allows them to work together. All students are respectful to her as she is speaking, yet they are engaged.

Teaching strategies

~Miss Harty clearly lays out her expectations for the day at the beginning of every class period and also has them posted on her wall for an extra reminder. She uses houses modeled off of those in Harry Potter to promote classroom unity, friendly competition, and involvement. Miss Harty is actively moving around the classroom as she lectures and encourages her students to track her as she moves to keep them actively involved. To make her class more fun she uses humor throughout her lectures to involve her class and keep them attentive.

How much does she work per week?

  • About 58 hours

Her biggest challenge is planning her time accordingly to make time for planning and grading

Her biggest reward is witnessing the students be successful and the "getting it" feeling. She also enjoys helping the students earn college credit.

Miss Harty says that on a scale from 1-10 you must have a 10 in self motivation when it comes to her job!

Miss Harty promotes student engagement in her class even if that means they all join in singing the well known song I'll make a man out of you from Mulan which they were studying about in their class!