Feline Panleukopenia

By: Jordan Stowe

The Concern

Panleukopenia is a viral disease. It is also called Feline Distemper or Cat Plague. This disease is spread through the contact with infected animals and attacks the lining of the intestines.

Animal Most Affected

Even though this disease affects all members of the feline family, cats are the most common, wild and domesticated.


There is a vaccine that can help prevent getting Panleukopenia. There are many different types of vaccines that the vet can help you choose between.


There is no treatment for the virus. The best thing to do is manage the symptoms while the immune system fights off the virus. The cat will needs lots of fluids to prevent dehydration.

Other Facts

  • highly contagious
  • cats may become depressed once contracting the disease
  • dehydration occurs
  • death is the most common outcome of this disease
  • if the cat survives, it will not have any permanent damage