Read them 1000 times?

Take another peek at Nursery Rhymes!

Old and new...and just like you!

You know what Mother Goose has to say by heart,

You know about Humpty Dumpty and how he fell apart!

You know about the bee that was quite humble,

You know that Jack and Jill took quite a tumble!

But its time you give Nursery Rhymes another chance,

grab a few of these goodies and give them a glance!

You may know a few word for word,

but some have taken a twist you've never heard!

Whether you're from the city, or a country far away,

We all think, feel, and do, as we go about our day!

Discover and relive these rhymes old and new,

what you'll find is they are full of folks as silly as you!

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We all get a little silly sometimes!

"When I was a little boy,

I washed my mother's dishes,

I put my finger in my ear,

and pulled out little fishes!"

The modern twist on the pictures in this book really bring the rhyme collection to life!

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Have you ever been HANGRY?

I'm hungry, Im cranky...

now what will I do ?

You'll laugh as stuff gets crazy really fast for the cook in this story! She didn't plan on all these trips to the market, all she wants to do is eat!

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Boring day? We all have them

It's raining, it's boring

The snoring creaks the flooring.

With that said, go to bed,

and I'll see you in the morning!

You can go to bed as this rhyme suggests, or grab this book and take a peek at Mother Goose like you've never seen her before! This hilarious new twist to well known nursery rhymes will be a tough one to put down!

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Sometimes we just want to pout about it!

Here's Sulky Sue

What shall we do?

Turn her face to the wall

til she comes to!

This is one of the oldies that never go out of style! Full of all the classic rhymes that have stood the test of time, everyone should take a peek!


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