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NEWSLETTER WEEK 5 - Friday 5th February 2016

A Message From the Headmaster

Dear Parents

As the Scholarship and Common Entrance results come in throughout the year, I do like to celebrate the achievements of our Year 8 pupils who are working hard and enjoying learning in their final few months at Handcross Park – both in and out of the classroom. The academic scholarships take place later in the year, but the non-academic awards are well underway. I am therefore delighted to announce our first three scholarships; Head Girl, Clementine Rudd, has been offered a Music Award to Brighton College – a fantastic achievement and one she fully deserves after all her hard work over the years. Eno Nto has also been offered a Sports Award to Repton and this again reflects his efforts and talent on the sports field. Finally, Amber Dunne has been awarded a singing scholarship to The Towers after impressing them with her wonderful voice. Well done to you all.

I would also like to congratulate all of our sports teams this week. The players have worked so hard throughout the term resulting in some excellent performances. I had the privilege of refereeing the 1st XV rugby team on Monday and I was so impressed by the quality of their play; but here is what I am most proud of – they demonstrated both to themselves and to those younger members of the School (many of whom were watching) that it is perfectly possible to produce outstanding performances and play in a fair and sportsmanlike manner. One of our core themes is “Sport and Sportsmanship” and I saw this in abundance. They should be congratulated on an unbeaten season, but more importantly on their efforts and the process that led to some impressive results. The cross-country team finished second in the Brambletye Meet, the senior boys hockey completed their own mini unbeaten season and the younger teams have all been making their mark on the circuit. I am thrilled to see sport thriving at Handcross Park.

I was asked at a recent Parent Forum about our educational ethos and I thought it was worth reinforcing what we believe a Handcross Park education should provide. Of course, it is important that all of our children are stretched so they can meet their academic potential and we work hard to ensure a balance is struck between inspiring teaching and examination performance - we do not believe in one at the expense of the other. However, in my experience children work more effectively and retain information in their medium and long term memories if they are happy in school and so the all-round educational experience and kind, school environment play an essential part in the lives of the children. Life skills, confidence and happiness are all crucial elements of a Handcross Park education and form the strong foundation upon which learning can thrive. We are of course proud of our academic standards (this is commented upon by many of our visitors), but equally we believe that all the additional opportunities provided help to develop inquisitive, intelligent and well-rounded individuals who will succeed in their senior schools and beyond. This is why our children have so many other opportunities available to them – music, sport, drama, art, design technology, numerous activities and much more. This together with outstanding teaching and a challenging learning environment is what makes for an outstanding education.

I have really enjoyed my discussions with parents about online safety, gaming and social media and it has sparked off some interesting debate. Parents may be interested in the following website, providing guidance for parents in this regard.

https://www.commonsensemedia.org/parent-concerns. I am in discussion with Miss Lyle about the possibility of running a parent conference on these topics and we have already been in contact with some interesting speakers and as soon as I have a date I will let you know. It is an event I would really like all of our parents to attend and so I am aiming to provide plenty of notice.

I enjoyed supervising boarders’ prep this week and could not have been more impressed by their work ethic and dedication to their studies. They even admitted to enjoying their prep and the work they were currently covering. The Senior Management Team and other teachers regularly support the boarders with their homework and I know the boarders feel it is easier to get their work completed in this environment as they are together with their peers and without the kind of distractions they sometimes have at home. Well done boarders!

ARK Week begins on Monday (Acts of Random Kindness) and we also have the start of Year 7 exams (Monday - Thursday), Safer Internet Day (Tuesday), Lent Buddies (from Thursday), Pre-Prep Drama Workshop (Thursday), Home Clothes Day (Friday) and the start of Half Term (Friday).

Have a good weekend.

Be Trewe

Graeme Owton


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Please remember it is Home Clothes Day on Friday 12th February. The children need to bring in a minimum donation of £1. A bake sale will be held in the Colonnade between 4.20pm-5.00pm. Please feel free to bake cakes for the sale (NUT FREE PLEASE)

For further details of our chosen charity please find the link below for the just giving page.


Many Thanks

Louise Mantle

Chair of Charity Council

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Sebastian Eaton

Bobby Choi

Roben Els

Sulayman Makeem

Conor Robinson

Aoife Dobbs

Alexa Ford


Dear Parent,

Due to the popularity of their fun and engaging programmes, Ultimate Activity Camps and Ultimate Survival are back again during the school holidays at Handcross Park in 2016.

Their dates are as follows:

· Easter: Tuesday 29th March to Friday 8th April

· Summer: Monday 25th July to Friday 26th August

Ultimate Activity Camps offer an exciting range of over 40 activities that are delivered by inspiring and enthusiastic staff who will instruct and encourage children to try new activities and build self-confidence – and naturally have lots of fun!

Ultimate Survival offer fun and adventurous bushcraft courses which will see children aged 7 to 14 years fully-immersed in the natural environment, learning useful skills and of making new friends. There’s even a camp out option in the summer!

Please visit their website (www.ultimateactivity.co.uk) for details of their activities, dates, how to book and their Early Booking Offers - you can also call them on 0844 870 7077.

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A note from The Chair

Details for buying tickets for the FHXP Ball on 18 June 2016 should now have reached you or will reach you shortly. If you do not receive details, please let us know and we will happily send them to you. We look forward to receiving your bookings for tickets.

We have a number of teams for the Quiz Night but are always happy for more teams to join in. If you want to join us on 5 March 2016, then please let Cathryn know on cvmpernstich@btinternet.com.

Wishing you an enjoyable last week of term.


P.S. Did you know that the term "Little Britain" is an old English name for the French region of Brittany, to distinguish it from what was then called "Greater Britain"?

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To Gracie Bentley and Ismey Hawley for being superb pilots and going above and beyond the call of duty.

To Harrison Lindsay for an excellent model of his bedroom, with everything correctly labelled in French. Harrison produced this model in his own time and it is an additional topic to that which is currently being covered in his French lessons.


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Effort: Henry Boyle

Dining Room Etiquette: Isabelle Pernstich

Courtesy: Freddie Oakden

Year 4

Effort: Niamh Guirey

Dining Room Etiquette: Henry Dobbs

Courtesy: Ernie Whale


Congratulations to Yssy Nightingale and Rosie Roff who both achieved a pass with Merit for Grade 1 Ballet and a pass with Distinction for Grade 2 Modern Dance. Well done girls!


Chinese New Year celebrations started on Thursday morning with a Prep school assembly. It was a delight to hear the whole school singing in Mandarin and special thanks go to Year 3 and Miss Zeng for the colourful props. This was also when the Brighton College Family of school' Calligraphy Competition was announced. Will the winning entry be a Handcross Park pupil? Lanterns have appeared in the dining hall again, and students are painting Chinese New Year plates across the school (up to Year 6). A flavour of these activities can be had from the photos and video.

Chinese New Years Assembly


The following children: Nigella Broackes, Maya Loder and Charlie Spiers (and a few of the mothers) will be abseiling down Guildford Cathedral on Saturday 4th June. They are completing this life building and in some cases life changing descent to raise much needed money for the charity 'Kids for Kids', This is the only charity left in the world helping the starving children of Darfur, Sudan.


Do You Know Your Social Media Ages?

In addition please remember that the ages for downloading the apps from the App Store or Google Play are not the same as the age required for the account. For instance WhatsApp is rated PEGI 3+ (so for age 4 or above) but the actual account for WhatsApp should be 16+.

Using Google Docs and Drive to Motivate Group Collaboration.

Use Google Docs and Drive to Motivate Group Collaboration.


Congratulations to Luke Gausden who has been offered a place in the County Development Swimming Squad.


Active Kids vouchers are back! Thanks to your generosity we were able to order lots of sports equipment in 2015 which the children are now benefiting from in their Games and PE lessons. Active Kids 2016 promises to be better than ever and we would again be very grateful for your vouchers. Please place these in the box on the table in the Front Hall of the Prep School.

Thank you for your support. Mr Evans



200 House Points: Athena Thomas, Harrison Oarton, Isabelle Bendall, Elena Stiglitz, Katie King

300 House Points: Clementine Rudd, Egor Sokolov

400 House Points: Bailey Brown


200 House Points: Oliver Urwick, Clementine Lytle, Arina Shcherbina

300 House Points: Isabelle Pernstich, Hermione Boyle

400 House Points: Daisy Hanna


200 House Points: Ella Trowell, Jamie Williams, Georgia Millar-Smith

300 House Points: Saffron Clarke-Walker, Evelina Simonian


100 House Points: Harrison Findlay, Mark Samonov

200 House Points: Archie Eaton, Ottilie Shelton, Lily Stonehill, Stephanie Alton, Victor Chan, Danielle Trevalion-Turnbull

300 House Points: Oscar Wiseman






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Reception this week have been getting ready for the wedding. We have written invites to all of Snow White’s fairy tale friends, designed Snow White’s and the Prince’s new castle using 2-D and 3-D shapes, made clothing, practised make up, prepared music and we also had interviews where we had to say which role we would like to be in the wedding. We hope The Prince doesn’t get cold feet!

Year 1 have been discussing ‘Gravity’ and how zero gravity affects astronauts over a period of time. We also looked at videos showing us all the component parts that make up an astronaut’s, ‘spacewalk’ suit, and how to put it on. The children then designed and labelled their own space suits. We have enjoyed seeing what and how they eat , drink, wash and sleep on the ISS. The highlight of the week was taking part in the ‘Cosmic Classroom’, when there was a live link to Tim Peake on the ISS and where he was answering children’s questions about his experiences.

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This week Year 2 were surprised by the arrival of a suitcase bearing all things Chinese – Wally is staying with a family in Beijing! He was anxious not to offend his guests and wanted to know more about Chinese customs and culture, so the children split into groups to carry out their research, learning why Chinese lanterns are important, why people use chopsticks and the reason for each new year to be named after a different animal! (The chopstick group loved their noodles!) The children also explored blow painting techniques to make their own Chinese inspired tree paintings.


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RS Hugh Crocker

RM Amelie Whitehouse

1W Iris Tsitoura

1D Edward Bower

2L Kevin Cheng

2R Sebastian Sheldon


Reception - Zach Collison

Year 1 - Louise Slade

Year 2 - Annabel Skerrett


Conor Robinson, Imogen Paskins, Persephone Boyle, Sebastian Sheldon, Henry Williams


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Faris Khan, Thomas Pooley, Sebastian Bjorn, Zach Whorlow, Lily Hollis, Edward Bower, Naa'il Hussain, Aoife Dobbs, Barnaby Eden, Amelie Whitehouse, Zachary Ford


RS - Fahren Elmellas

RM - Isla Appadu

1W - Faris Khan

1D - George Heywood

2R - Mohammad Khan

2L - Imogen Paskins


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RED 98



LITTLE OWLS..........

Continuing on with our animal theme, the Little Owls have enjoyed creating a snappy crocodile, practising their tripod grip whilst painting a selection of different sized boxes.

This week the children have also had lots of fun on a visit to the Pre-Prep garden, practising their balancing and climbing skills on the Trim Trail.

With the new arrival of a petrol pump, the Little Owls have been particularly busy refueling their cars and ensuring a steady flow of traffic around the garden with road signs and cones!

WISE OWLS ........

This week we have been learning more about our bodies and our senses. We have been using our sense of smell to guess what was in our mystery smelling pots. The playdough table has been busy this week as our Wise Owls have loved moulding doughs scented with ginger and chocolate. In our Music and Movement session we learned about the physical effect of exercise on our bodies, feeling our hearts beating faster after we had been jumping.

Our Afternoon Activities are proving really popular with our Wise Owls and also gave us the opportunity to learn more about what happens to our bodies when we exercise. During our Dance lesson with Miss Sophie we practised our circle dancing and took it in turns to go into the centre of the circle to dance to the rhythm of the music. Our Multi-Sports session with Mr Richards also involved a circle activity, as the children enjoyed practising their ball skills.


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