Mathias Gordon

A very good friend

Do you know who likes acting? Do you know who likes sports? Is it you, no! It's my wonderful friend Mathias Gordon! He is a great friend!

In Mathias's early life he loved cars even trains. When he was young he hid bad trains under a rug! Also he fell off his table and rolled down the stairs!

Did you know that Mathias LOVES acting, reading, and math. Well I think that's a person that's smart! When he tries to be like people in our class he comes out

to funny. Also he is a kind and a great friend to everyone. Mathias can be all sorts of stuff but what i like about him is when he is focused!

Mathias likes his sisters but not always. He's a active kid and a sporty kid too. Who likes Percy Jackson, and hunger games (book).Mathias gordon does. Guess what Mathia's favorite collage is? St.Olaf. His family members are Solveig, Freya, gay, joel, and odin his dog!