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Welcome to a world of wonder for you and your child as you take this journey together to grow your love of learning and reading! Each month you will receive 1 to 4 books age appropriate for your child. If you have any requirements or restrictions please let me know so I can put a reminder note in your file. I hope that you fall in love with the wondrous world of Usborne as my family has. Let the love of learning, reading, and fun begin to blossom and grown in your family!


This series is simply stunning, it will grab your special readers attention and have them begging for more. Each book in this series is educational as well as fun! Grab a flashlight, build a blanket fort, and crawl inside the wonderful worlds in these books. From Space Stations to Vegtable Gardens, there is sure to be one for everyones interests.
Shine-A-Light Books

Packages Avaliable With your Book Club!

Package #1 $25.00 a month- 1-4 books mailed directly to your door! All Age appropriate to your choice of gender and age.

Package #2 $45.00 a month- up to 8 books mailed directly to your door! This is perfect for a family with more than one child at different ages! This will allow you to get a few for each of your children!

Gift Package: $250.00 / year this will be package one, however it is for a full years membership, also you will be able to add a special note in each package sent to your special loved ones.. This is the perfect gift for grandmas, aunts, or uncles, to get their special little ones for holidays, or birthdays, or just because. You will also get an extra month free!

Ordering other Items!

If you would like to order other items, feel free to visit my website. If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me. Thank you for joining our Book Club! Happy Reading!