Betsy Ross

January 1st 1752 - January 30th 1836

The Life of Betsy Ross

Early Life

Betsy's great grandfather emigrated from England o New jersey in 1681 to start a new life and family with many other quakers. His son and grandson (Betsy's father and grandfather) became carpenters. Her father actully helped build the Bell Tower in PA and later married Rebecca who was a from a quaker merchant family. Together they had a large family of 17 children. Betsy (Elizabeth) was the 8th child born on January 1th. She went to a quaker school where she learned many acadmeics and trades like sewing. When she got older, her father apprenticed her as an upholster which at the time would do all sewing jobs and not just furniture. She then feel in love with John Ross who she got into an inter-denominational marrige which split her from her family. Together, Betsy and John developed their own upholstry business.

War in Philly

Because of the war, fabric was always needed. It got used so much that it became hard to find which wasn't the best for Betsy. Her husband John joined the militia for PA but was mortally wounded when an explosion took place and died a few days after. After the death of her husband, Betsy returned to a partial Quaker community. These Quakers differed from the ones that Betsy grew up with because they agreed to fight and help the war efforts unlike normal Quakers. She remarried in June of 1777 to Joseph Ashburn who was a commander and often shared her house with soldiers during the cold winters. Together they had two children, one of which died not to long after birth. Joseph was eventually captured by British and killed.

After the War

After the war, Betsy married John Claypoole and the often moved around. They lived a fairly long life together and had a few children. John died after many years of health problems. Betsy then retired from her many years working with aphulsty and moved in with her married daughter and her family.

The Flag

In late May of 1776, there was a meeting between Betsy Ross and three members of a secret committee from the continental congress. These members are George Washington, Robert Morris, and Geroge Ross. Betsy knew Washington from church and she also did things for him like embordier his ruffles. Betsy also knew Ross because she was married to his nephew. At this meeting, Betsy agreed to sew them the flag. It was in late June that Washington showed her the design and she made the first ever American flag.