Tangerine! The Journal

There's no world as strange as this!

Recent Happenings

Tangerine. A place where kids work hard and a place rich of agriculture. Tangerine is a place where money and jobs mainly depend on agriculture. What's occuring in tangerine is something that could kill all the plants and money. Its called, the freeze. All kids helping with the freeze take off from school. Getting frozen in the cold, rubbing their hands for warmth. But they're always working. Trying desperately to keep their families from definite doom if the plants die.

Comparing the Uncomparable

Erik and Paul Fisher have always been enemies. The unfairness of the two brothers is undeniable. Paul has always been mistreated by his family because of his visual impairment. His family doesn't believe in what he sees and his brother gets the luxury life. Erik has always been shown as (quite sarcastically) "Great". Paul lives in the shadow of one that always looks down at him. Erik is a football player. Paul isn't. Erik is believed. Paul is not. Erik attempts to kill Paul. No one believes Paul. Does it sound like they live even a similar life?

The Unfair Death!

Mike Costello died from a death that was not fair. He died the worst way. He got struck by lightning and flew to his doom. He went many feet across the sky! Everyone believes he died from the fall but he was already dead by the time he touched the ground. Imagine dying in a football field. He was innocently touching the goal post and he got struck. The wet field and lush green dewy grass was literally mocking him before he was murdered by the forces of nature!

Is MOYA a Problem?

Erik and Paul don't have the best relationship, The stress Paul must feel for how mistreated he is by his own brother. Anyone who is bullied or mistreated will be stressed out. MOYA is something that will make anyone stress out which can lead to very unfortunate endings. MOYA is a huge problem and should be stopped in our world.

Tryouts! Tryout for the Soccer team!

Soccer tryouts are this week. If this sport is for YOU, then come over and tryout for our team. We have the best team you can possibly ask for and we have hardworking coaches. This intense tryout will start with your aim. You must make 5/ 5 goals WITH a goalie. This requires precise eye coordination and aim. The second part of the tryout requires a partner. You must show you can work with someone and beat the other two people trying out.